24 Jul 2017

Could the ‘Childfree Life’ Kill the Democrat Party?

A broken clock is correct in telling time twice each day. Sometimes Leftists are also correct once in a blue moon. Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, SolarCity, and the Tesla Motors, had this to say about the real population problem: “The world’s population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to

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22 Jul 2017

Will The United States Succumb to “Secular Fundamentalism”?

Will America suffer the same fate as Europe and the rise of what Karen Armstrong calls “secular fundamentalism”? We seem to be headed in a similar direction with the secularization of our schools, courts, media, morality, perverse sexual practices, and politics. Christianity in America, like Christianity in Europe, is under

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16 Aug 2014

Is Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable?

If you listen to news reports, you will find that the general conclusion is that everybody is embracing same-sex marriage. There are three main reasons for this misinformation. First, the general population is under the impression that nearly 25 percent of Americans are homosexual. In reality, the percentage of homosexuals

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25 Apr 2014

Radical Islam is a Bigger Problem than Vladimir Putin

The Russian and Ukrainian conflict is a mess, but it’s not our problem, at least not yet. When this conflict becomes a direct threat to the United States, then we need to act in a judicious manner. But now is not the time for a show of military force or

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01 Jan 2014

What Hitler Couldn’t Do, the Jews are Doing to Themselves

Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews. He failed. Now it looks like the Jews themselves could finish what Hitler started. Israel’s oldest daily newspaper Haaretz (‘The Land [of Israel]’) is reporting the following: “Israel will pay for abortions for women aged 20 to 33 regardless of circumstance starting next

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06 Nov 2012

Obama Would Win in a Landslide in Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, and Kenya

If Obama was running in Europe, he would win in a landslide. The latest indicator is France. “[R]ecent poll data suggests that ‘if Europeans could vote in November’s election, 75% would vote for Obama while only 8% would vote for Romney.’” Europeans are drowning in debt. Their economies are teetering

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30 Nov 2011

FED Stimulates Global Markets with Funny Money

The market went up nearly 500 points! Why didn’t we pump money into the international markets years ago if this is all it takes to stimulate the stock market and calm the fears of investors? Question: Where did the money come from? Did it drop out of the sky? Did

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