Radical Islam is a Bigger Problem than Vladimir Putin

The Russian and Ukrainian conflict is a mess, but it’s not our problem, at least not yet. When this conflict becomes a direct threat to the United States, then we need to act in a judicious manner. But now is not the time for a show of military force or empty threats.

We can’t be the world’s Mr. Fixit. We tried in Iraq, and what did we get for our efforts? Consider this from Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, initially to search for weapons of mass destruction that we now know the Bush administration knew did not exist there, and eventually for regime change, the U.S. succeeded in changing profoundly the Iraqi government. But in the process, we lost 4,500 American troops, suffered 45,000 substantial injuries, borrowed and spent and have not paid back more than $2 trillion, caused the deaths of 650,000 Iraqis, displaced 2.5 million Iraqis, and unleashed into Iraq our public enemy, al-Qaida. Al-Qaida was not in Iraq before we invaded. Today, it controls one-third of that now unstable country.”

In my opinion, as much as he might want to resurrect the old Soviet Union, Putin understands the limits of his power. He needs the West and its economic base to stay viable.

The internal politics of the Ukrainian situation are not neatly cut as many pundits on both sides of the political aisle claim. There are many ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. The way the coup took place was illegal, and Putin’s move on the country was also illegal. But to repeat, at this point it’s not our fight. Judge Napolitano writes:

“Nearly two centuries ago, President John Quincy Adams warned his successors against the foreign policies that would be manifest in the Bush/Obama years. ‘Americans should not go abroad to slay dragons that they do not understand in the name of spreading democracy.’”

Here’s what we do know. Muslims are in the business of world conquest, and they will use the most gruesome methods to achieve their goal, and they believe they will achieve their goal no matter what the cost to their enemies and themselves.

So-called moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out against their radical co-religionists. They know what these fanatics are capable of.

Two recent incidents come to mind. “The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan confirmed Thursday that three American doctors — including a father and son — were killed by an Afghan security guard who opened fire at a Kabul hospital.” Doctors! Good-hearted people who came to help anybody and everybody were gunned down.

Then there’s the story of radical Islamists who kidnapped as many as 234 girls, dragging them from their school because they wanted to get an education. These Muslim militants want to create an Islamic state that would deny the most basic rights to people.

Then there’s the crazy logic of Islam:

“A leading Saudi Arabian ‘self-help’ writer has urged his 97,000+ Twitter followers to sexually molest working women in the nation’s grocery stores. . . . Sheikh Khalid Ebrahim Al Saqabi, a conservative cleric, endorsed Al Dawood’s calls and said a law proposed by the government against sexual harassment in newly mixed workplaces was ‘only meant to encourage consensual debauchery.’”

Tony “Better Late than Never” Blair made an astounding impolitic announcement.

“The threat of this radical Islam is not abating. It is growing. It is spreading across the world. . . . It is destabilising communities and even nations. It is undermining the possibility of peaceful coexistence in an era of globalisation. And in the face of this threat we seem curiously reluctant to acknowledge it and powerless to counter it effectively.”

“The Muslim population in Europe is now over 40m and growing. The Muslim Brotherhood and other organisations are increasingly active and they operate without much investigation or constraint. Recent controversy over schools in Birmingham (and similar allegations in France) show heightened levels of concern about Islamist penetration of our own societies.”

As much as we may not like what Putin is doing, he does not have 40 million Russians populating western cities and countries with the goal to displace the existing population and long established Christian institutions.

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