05 Feb 2019

Apologizing to Liberals Is Always a Bad Idea

Don Lemon interviewed Gladys Knight before singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl. He wanted to know if she was making a bad career choice. Lemon was arguing that her career would suffer if she didn’t make some gesture in support of the kneelers and Colin Kaepernick. Here’s

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28 Dec 2015

This New Video May Sink Hillary’s Campaign

If those in the media ever break ranks and report honestly on the lack of honesty of Hillary Clinton, it will be a new day in America. We will be through with the Clintons forever. The media won’t break ranks until they know there is an electable alternative to her.

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01 May 2014

Taped Private Conversations and Economic Blackmail

Let’s play a game of “what if?” regarding Donald Sterling and the LA Clippers. “NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he would do ‘everything in my power’ to force Sterling to sell the franchise.” We’ve gone from a woman employed by Sterling making public a privately recorded conversation to him being

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23 Mar 2013

If You Believe In Traditional Marriage You are a Segregationist

Traditional Marriage is a union between a man and a woman at the most intimate level. It’s Traditional Marriage not because a group of people decided to make it so. It’s traditional marriage because God made it so and made men and women biologically suitable that makes it so. The

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09 Feb 2013

Liberals Come Out in Support of Black Cop Killer

Christopher Dorner is a cop killer. He has nearly shut down Los Angeles because no one knows what he’ll do next to whom. Dorner is black. This is important because liberal apologists are making excuses for Dorner’s killing spree because he’s black. Consider these unbelievable comments: “One Facebook page is

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