This New Video May Sink Hillary’s Campaign

If those in the media ever break ranks and report honestly on the lack of honesty of Hillary Clinton, it will be a new day in America. We will be through with the Clintons forever.

The media won’t break ranks until they know there is an electable alternative to her.

Bernie Sanders can’t win. The Democrats will lose what’s left to lose of the youth vote if this economic Grinch is the nominee. Maybe they can talk Al Gore to run again. But he’s making too much money. I can’t see him as a viable candidate.

The desperation for Hillary has set in because Bill Clinton has entered center stage. The subliminal message is, “You can enjoy a third Bill Clinton presidential term if you elect me. If you elect me, you’ll get Bill.” And that’s the problem.

Bill has some bad baggage in his political trunk on the issue of sexism, or more accurately, his own private war on women:

“In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Mrs. Clinton said Mr. Trump has ‘demonstrated a penchant for sexism.’ That drew a response from Mr. Trump on Twitter: ‘Hillary, when you complain about “a penchant for sexism,” who are you referring to? I have great respect for women.’ In capital letters he then wrote, ‘BE CAREFUL!’” (H/T: WSJ)

The media will do whatever it can to protect Hillary. It will take a GOP candidate with guts to force the issue.

The protective forces are already in place:

“In preparation to usher Hillary Clinton into the White House, as we saw on CNN. . . , when Don Lemon shut off the microphone of a guest who dared raise the issue, the DC Media is declaring off-limits numerous reports damaging to Hillary that come from numerous women who claim to be victims of rape, groping, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual abuse.” (H/T: Breitbart)

The rape allegations are still out there, and the women who claim Bill Clinton raped them are willing to talk about it. will college students who are crying about “safe places” and “micro-aggression” vote for Hillary when her husband is an accused rapist?

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