30 Sep 2013

Liberals and RINOs Don’t Understand Ted Cruz Filibuster

Liberals and RINO Republicans are following the anti-Ted Cruz narrative that his filibuster didn’t accomplish anything. They are wrong. It had mega -impact! Here’s what David Gregory said to Cruz in an interview segment: GREGORY: You’re a terrific lawyer. You’re making an argument. I asked you a specific question based

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19 Sep 2013

Woman Watched Her Parents Die in a Gun-Free Zone

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz published an open letter that ask customers not to “bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas,” thus wanting to create a “gun-free zone.” Will evil people who want to harm others care? Criminals pursue the easiest targets. A gun-free zone is an easy target.

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11 Sep 2012

Is Foreign Policy Experience Necessary to be President?

In an interview with Mitt Romney, David Gregory confronted the GOP nominee with this comment about foreign policy experience: “[President Obama] used some pretty tough words in talking about you, saying you and Paul Ryan are, quote, ‘New to foreign policy. Want to take us back to an era of

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07 May 2012

Joe Biden May Be putting Your Children at Risk

Every time Vice President Biden opens his mouth, he says something that seems to be stupid. There’s a reason for this; it makes President Obama seem really smart. His latest verbal foible is comments he made about homosexual marriage. President Obama has not come out publicly on the homosexual marriage

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