29 Jan 2014

Anti-2nd Amendment Civitas Media Should Create a Criminal Data Base

An internal memo from Civitas Media described how the newspaper hoped to build “state-by-state databases” that would list people “who have the right to carry a concealed weapon.” When news of the memo got out, Civitas Media backtracked on the effort and dropped the plan. Civitas Media President and CEO

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09 Apr 2013

Those in the Media Should be Required to Undergo Background Checks

Melissa Harris-Perry is the gift that keeps on giving. She wants background checks on every person who wants to purchase a firearm. I’m calling on Congress to call for a similar requirement for anyone in the media. What’s sauce for the Second Amendment goose, is sauce for the First Amendment

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11 Jan 2013

‘Saving Lives’ is the New Liberal Phrase for ‘Tyranny’

There you have it. Vice President Joe Biden says the government has the right to restrict gun ownership because it’s in the best interest of people. It will mean “saving lives.” He compares further gun restrictions to seat belt legislation. CNS News reports: “Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday compared

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04 Jan 2013

Breaking News: Map of Addresses of Criminals Who Own Guns

“The Journal News, which serves New York City’s northern suburbs, sparked an outcry last month when it published clickable online maps with the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester counties.” Gun owners are outraged that their personal information has been made public. Liberals are such

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25 Jul 2012

Should Gun Purchases Require a “Co-Signer” to Prove Sanity?

John Kelly, a columnist for the Washington Post, is advocating that all gun purchases be co-signed as testimony that the new gun owner is not a “nut job.” I’m all for it. That way, no liberal would ever be able to buy a gun. Who will get to determine who’s

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