29 Nov 2014

ISIS Recruiting in Ferguson

Disenfranchised blacks have sought ways to advance their cause by joining groups that promise to be the remedy for injustices done to them. This is not a new phenomenon. Communists promised a social and political utopia, and millions joined the cause. Its revolutionary rhetoric and calls for economic justice led

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06 Nov 2012

Third-World Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia

The Black Panthers are back intimidating voters at Philadelphia precincts. You don’t need an ID to vote; all you need is a Black Panther to help you. A similar incident took place in 2008. Charges were filed against the intimidators, but Obama’s Attorney General wasn’t interested. The charges of voter

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02 Nov 2012

States Have the Right to Tell UN to Get Out

For decades you’ve seen the bumper stickers and signs: “Get US out of the UN.” Within the conservative movement, the United Nations has been a sore spot. We pay millions of dollars, billions if you count foreign aid, to nations that despise us and vote against us every chance they

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10 Apr 2012

President Obama Owns Al Sharpton, “Rev.” Wright, the Black Panthers and Their Racist Rants

The George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin spectacle has done more to set back race relations in the United States than any other event in recent history. It’s been all about race. There’s justice somewhere in all of this, but will it ever be found? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

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07 Mar 2012

Why the Obama Race Tapes Won’t Matter

I don’t want to burst anyone’s anti-Obama bubble, but it doesn’t matter what Andrew Breitbart found and what Sean Hannity or anyone else shows about Barack Obama and Derek Bell. We knew that Obama spent some 20 years at the church led by Jeremiah Wright, and it was passed over.

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