09 Dec 2015

Jesus, Guns, and Self-Defense: What Does the Bible Say?

Good Christian? Bad Christian? It all depends on who’s doing the evaluating. The reaction to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments on encouraging students at Liberty University to be armed in case there is an ISIS attack at the school has led to a great deal of theological and political angst. Brian

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28 May 2012

A War Movie that’s Anti-War

Sergeant York (1941) is a war movie that caries an antiwar message. It’s the true story of World War I Medal of Honor recipient Alvin C. York (1887–1964). The York family eked out a meager existence in remote Pall Mall, Tennessee. Like most of the people in this area, Alvin

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27 Mar 2012

Should You Turn the Other Cheek If Someone is Trying to Kill You?

The Trayvon Martin shooting has become a media event. It’s becoming evident that we do not have all the facts and liberals have turned the tragedy into something political. Hashim Nzinga, a high ranking member of the New Black Panther Party, announced on CNN that his group was offering a

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16 Feb 2012

Does Obama Want to Disarm America?

As an eighth grader, Ron Semkiw could press 290, snatch 230, and clean and jerk 305 pounds. In the ninth grade, he pressed 320, snatched 260, and clean and jerked 350 pounds. By his senior year, Ron was bench pressing 430, pressed 355, power cleaned 365, and power snatched 290

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15 Dec 2011

The Dangers of Gun Control

There are those who “suspect the Obama administration used the gun-running operation [Fast and Furious] to support regulations Congress would not even consider, namely, a rule requiring gun stores in the Southwest to report anyone who tries to buy multiple ‘long guns,’ or rifles, in a one-week period.” The border

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