Does Obama Want to Disarm America?

As an eighth grader, Ron Semkiw could press 290, snatch 230, and clean and jerk 305 pounds. In the ninth grade, he pressed 320, snatched 260, and clean and jerked 350 pounds. By his senior year, Ron was bench pressing 430, pressed 355, power cleaned 365, and power snatched 290 pounds.  Anyone familiar with weightlifting knows that these lifts are impressive, even for someone playing professional football, but for a kid in high school they are extraordinary.

Ron never got into a fight. Nobody ever picked on him. They knew they would have lost any confrontation with him. He was a young man at peace with the world and everybody in it.

Then there was Joey. He got picked on all the time. I remember the day that he took a seat on the bus and an older student tried to get him to move. Another very strong student stood up to the bully, put him in his place, and Joey had peaceful rides to school from that day forward.

Now, I’m not for nuclear war, but there are some nothing-to-lose nations that wouldn’t balk at flinging a nuke here or there to bring about a self-induced Armageddon that they believe would usher in a New Islamic World Order.

President Obama is either knowingly disarming America to weaken us or he is profoundly naïve in believing that our nuclear dismantlement will be perceived as an act of good will and every other nuclear nation will follow us. The Soviet Union fell in part because they could not keep up with our military might. Not a shot was fired.

Radical Islam has a different worldview. Cataclysm is their middle name. Not only are they willing to killing us, but they are willing to kill their own people and die themselves for what they believe is a greater cause. It only takes a few power-hungry nutballs to view our unilateral disarmament as a sign of weakness making us vulnerable to attack.

I pray for the day when the world will be nuke free, but today’s not the day. It’s our arsenal and resolve that keeps us safe at night.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not support our nation’s interventionist wars. Ron Semkiw, with all his strength, did not start fights. He was not a bully or a social engineer. The same should be true of the United States

Do we need an arsenal of 1500 nuclear weapons? Probably not. But the fact that they’re there is a deterrent.

In the movie Ben Hur (1959), there is a discussion between Balthasar and Judah Ben-Hur about seeking revenge.

Judah Ben-Hur: I must deal with Messala in my own way.

Balthasar: And your way is to kill him. I see this terrible thing in your eyes, Judah Ben-Hur. But no matter what this man has done to you, you have no right to take his life. He will be punished inevitably.

Overhearing their conversation, Sheik Ilderim imparts a bit of wisdom: “Balthasar is a good man. But until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright!” If all those in the world had the heart of Balthasar, then there would be no need to discuss what the right response is regarding self-defense and war.

Until there is a worldview shift among the Islamic nations, and we have a President who has America’s best interests in view, I’m for keeping the arsenal at its present levels.

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