28 Dec 2013

A&E Will Run PSAs on ‘Tolerance’ that Will be One-Sided

A PSA is a Public Service announcement. A&E is going to run a series of PSAs in response to the flak it’s gotten from the pro-homosexual advocacy group GLAAD because the network reinstated Phil Robertson. Robertson, you may recall, made some graphic but accurate remarks about same-sex sex without ever

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23 Dec 2013

Phil Robertson Declares He Won’t Back Down

Good news on the Phil Robertson front: No apologies and no backing down. It seems that every time some conservative or Christian stands for something publicly, he or she gets beaten down by the media. Inevitably, there’s an apology. Look, if you say something that’s true, there’s nothing to apologize

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20 Dec 2013

Why Did GQ Magazine Print Phil’s Comments If they Were So Vile?

Phil Robertson’s comments about same-sex sex and other sins were published in the January 2014 edition of GQ Magazine. So far as I can tell, no one is saying anything about GQ being the delivery device for Phil’s colorful comments. If they are so vile, why did the pro-everything-sexual magazine

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19 Dec 2013

Did A&E Fire Phil Robertson to Boost Ratings?

Marketing is everything. You’ve heard the adage that that the only bad publicity is no publicity. Deep throat said, “Follow the Money.” The folks at A&E aren’t stupid. They know Duck Dynasty is a multi-million-dollar property. Would they throw that much money away to placate a segment of the population

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