Why Did GQ Magazine Print Phil’s Comments If they Were So Vile?

Phil Robertson’s comments about same-sex sex and other sins were published in the January 2014 edition of GQ Magazine. So far as I can tell, no one is saying anything about GQ being the delivery device for Phil’s colorful comments.

If they are so vile, why did the pro-everything-sexual magazine publish them? For two reasons:

1. An attempt to paint the Duck Dynasty star as an uneducated fool whose views on same-sex sex are so out of the mainstream that they need a proper hearing so they can be banned forever.

2. Because the folks at GQ want to sell magazines, advertisement, and make money!

But then there’s the recoil action of unintended consequences.

GQ didn’t have to print what Phil says. I’ve done magazine interviews before. Not everything gets in. A lot of editing takes place. Why put these words of Phil in the article and make them known to the world?

GQ kicked a hornet’s nest of publicity – the wrong kind of publicity for its targeted audience (and it’s not Duck Dynasty folks) – for the anti-homosexual population whose views are being blocked by the mainstream media and overpowered by the gay lobby.

As I mentioned in a previous article, there are millions of people who have the same impression of same-sex sex as described by Phil Robertson in the GQ article. It’s not the kind of language that one would use at a party, but it’s what goes through people’s minds when liberal minded claim that same-sex sex is no different from heterosexual sexuality.

The biological parts weren’t designed to fit. Repeatedly pounding a square peg in a round hole and getting the same result each time is a sign of mental deficiency and irrational behavior. Not being able to reproduce is another empirical piece of evidence that same-sex sex is unnatural and “against nature” (Rom. 1:26).

Let’s not forget how the AIDS epidemic in the United States was mostly confined to the homosexual community. This, too, should have told people that certain types of sexual practices were destructive.

So GQ has done the homosexual community a great disservice. The actual homosexual act can now be openly discussed. Phil broke the ice and GQ has published his comments far and wide. They are all over the internet and GQ can be cited as a published source.

In addition, with the hornet’s nest being kicked, the reaction from the people at A&E who already knew of Phil Robertson’s anti-homosexual comments when the network hired the Duck Dynasty family, has awakened a sleeping giant. Now A&E cares? Because the network got bullied by GLAAD. Welcome to the club.

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