Suddenly, Democrats Love and Want to Protect the FBI

Have you noticed how the Democrats and the liberal media have become so supportive of the FBI? An agency that was once despised, it’s taken the Democrats a long time to infiltrate the agency with their own people. The FBI is now an extension of the Democrat Party.

The claim today is that agencies like the FBI, CIA, and DOJ are above politics. Nonsense. There is no neutrality. Yes, there are a lot of good people working in these agencies, but the leadership is appointed by the party in power.

The claim is being made that there is an unidentified cabal in the FBI that is working behind the scenes to get Pres. Trump removed from office.

A classified House intelligence committee memo that alleges misconduct by FBI officials investigating Trump has made it to the President’s desk that we’re told exposes the inner working of the agency to create a series of false claims regarding Trump. Let’s not forget that there is no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians to fix the 2016 election. It’s a preposterous claim. Such an enterprise would have left a big evidentiary footprint.

At this point, Mueller and his team are trying to find a way to link Trump to obstruction, something that does not have anything to do with Russian collusion. Obstruction is much easier to prove since one person’s obstruction is another person’s doing what he’s permitted to do based on the authority and power of his office.

Democrats and some Republicans consider it a constitutional crisis for the President to question the integrity of the FBI. We all should be leery of a powerful non-elected group of people to have so much authority. Every agency should be questioned and scrutinized on a regular basis.

Remember, the Democrats hated FBI Director James Comey before they loved him.

Democrats think now-fired FBI Director James Comey cost them the presidential election. But hardly any Democrats in Congress are celebrating the fact that he’s gone.

Comey was leading the investigation into whether Trump campaign associates colluded with Russia to try to help Trump win the election in 2016. For all of Comey’s sins in the eyes of Democrats — re-upping Hillary Clinton’s emails 11 days before the presidential election, not announcing the FBI’s investigation into Trump earlier — he was the best FBI director they were going to get in the Trump administration. (Washington Post)

The Democrats have a short memory. J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI as a Fourth Branch of government. Consider that Hoover was the Director from 1924 to 1972.

Hoover grew the FBI from a small, relatively limited agency into a large and influential one. He then provided the president with information on his critics, and even some foreign intelligence, all while ingratiating himself with FDR to retain his job.

President Harry Truman didn’t much like Hoover, and thought his FBI was a potential “citizen spy system.”

Hoover found President Dwight Eisenhower to be an ideological ally with an interest in expanding FBI surveillance. This led to increased FBI use of illegal microphones and wiretaps. The president looked the other way as the FBI carried out its sometimes questionable investigations. (The Conversation)

Liberals have spilled a lot of ink criticizing Hoover, even claiming he was a homosexual and cross-dresser to discredit him and the FBI.1

Changes have been made over the years, but the FBI is just as partisan and authoritarian as any individual can be. Yes, people who work for the FBI take an oath to uphold the Constitution, but so do members of Congress, and how well has that been working?

  1. “The story that Hoover, a lifelong bachelor,” Washington Post reports, “participated in cross-dressing, all-male sex parties in New York hotel rooms, as reported by British writer Anthony Summers in a 1993 biography, has been widely debunked by historians. The story’s source, the wife of a businessman and Hoover confidante, had a grudge from a contested divorce, and other investigations of the story came up empty.” []
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