(SPLOST 4) – My Fellow Citizens Voted to Steal Money from Me

On Tuesday of this week, there was a referendum (SPLOST 4) on raising taxes to fund Public Schools in our county. My wife and I voted no for the simple reason that the government has no business taking money from us to pay for the education of other people’s children.

Our children never went to a government school and yet we’ve paid property taxes for more than 30 years to fund these schools. More than $60,000. In addition to paying these forced taxes, we paid for private school tuition and went without many things because of the extra costs.

Here’s how the Marietta Daily Journal reported the story:

“Those in favor of SPLOST [Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax] IV were thrilled with the overwhelming support they received at the polls Tuesday.
“Voters approved $773.3 million for Cobb and Marietta school districts to be raised through a 1-cent special sales tax between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2018.
“‘My cheeks are a little sore from smiling so much, said John Loud, the co-chair of the pro-SPLOST group United 4 Kids, shortly after the tax got a large push from the ‘yes’ votes.”

“United 4 Your Kids,” Mr. Loud, but not for my kids and grandchildren. You and your government-school supporters worked day and night to get people to the polls to steal from your fellow-citizens to pay for a service for which they should be paying full price.

By the way, the “overwhelming support” for SPLOST 4 was 9.6 percent of eligible voters casting ballots. 23,248 people voted for the tax increase. There are 14,027 full-time school employees in Cobb County. Which way do you think they voted? Add in parents who are getting a discount education because I and other residents are helping to fund their children’s education, and you can see why so many people vote for government programs at the expense of others. How are these voters any different from liberal voters who want other people taxed so they can receive the benefits?

This part really got me: “Loud, along with about 75 other voters in support of the initiative, spent their election night at a party at Willie Rae’s on the Marietta Square watching the results roll in on their computers.”

I wonder how much they spent at Willie Rae’s in celebration of the heist they just pulled off.

Mr. Loud will probably say, “Well, that’s Democracy buddy.”

So if my wife and I stole from our neighbors to help pay the tuition to the schools where we sent our children that would be a crime. If my wife and I got enough people to vote on a measure that said that the citizens of our county have to cough up money to pay for private education, would that be OK?

Mr. Loud and other government school advocates would obviously say no. People shouldn’t be required to pay for someone else’s education. Exactly! Especially when the people being forced to pay may not agree with what’s being taught in these non-government schools. They would also ask why they should pay for schools where their children don’t attend. And I would agree.

If Cobb County, Georgia, and the city of Marietta need money for their overrated schools, then the people who send their children there should do the paying.

People who send their children to government schools that are paid for with confiscated money are committing fraud through government action. Their children are getting an education at a discount at the expense of others.

Not only that . . . their children are being corrupted by an educational system that is purposefully socialistic.

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