When SNL Skewers President Obama the End is Near

Saturday Night Live has been skewering presidents for years. Chevy Chase’s bumbling Gerald Ford and Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impersonations are the most memorable. “Strategery,” a word used by Ferrell (Bush) in his mock debate with Al Gore, has become a part of the English language. Rush Limbaugh uses it all the time.

But for the most part, President Obama has not been the subject of many SNL skits.

How do you make fun of a god? It’s just not done. How times have changed. The Greek columns used for his 2009 inauguration are beginning to crumble.

After President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration, SNL went to work with this funny bit. It’s based on a famous Schoolhouse Rock video – not to be confused with Jack Black’s 2003 film School of Rock – on how a bill becomes a law.

Here’s the original Schoolhouse Rock! video “I’m Just a Bill”:

Here’s SNL’s version that may go a long way in educating people on what our system is not about:

The thing of it is, most people working on SNL probably don’t mind that the President has become lawless since his lawlessness is lawlessness they can agree with.

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