Protest Taxes not Trump’s Tax Returns

Some mad-cap leftists are protesting to force Pres. Trump (that sounds so much better than what could have been – Pres. Hillary Clinton) to release his tax forms. The no longer funny Sarah Silverman got into the act over the weekend at an anti-Trump rally:

“Show us your f*cking taxes, you emotional child.”

She, the true emotional child, went on to say, “I was raised to know that it’s an honor to pay taxes and it’s important to pay taxes. It’s part of being an American citizen, and helping each other.”

Silverman may have been raised that way, but it neither makes what she says about paying taxes right nor constitutional. Where is it formally written that it’s an “honor to pay taxes”? There is no honor in being forced to pay taxes for unconstitutional programs like killing preborn babies. In fact, it’s an honor and duty to do whatever we can to stop these types of taxes and the unconstitutional and immoral programs they fund.

Silverman needs a history lesson. It wasn’t that long ago that people protested the Vietnam War by refusing to pay taxes. If it’s an honor to pay taxes, maybe it’s time for Silverman to talk to these folks:

“Some Americans are reportedly planning to withhold their federal tax payments in protest of President Donald Trump’s policy agenda.

“Their reasons include adamant opposition to the president’s proposed Mexican border wall along with fears that their federal tax dollars will contribute to the ‘destruction of the environment’ and an expansion of the country’s nuclear arsenal, according to a number of interviews conducted by the Guardian.

“High-profile names like Mia Farrow and Gloria Steinem have voiced their support for the tax resistance. Citing her 1968 tax protest of the Vietnam War, Steinem told the Guardian that she’s ‘going to do this again by sending what I think should go to Planned Parenthood, deducting it from my Federal IRS return, and including a letter saying so.’”

California is said to be considering to become an “organized non-payer” state. There’s no hypocrisy among leftists when they refuse to pay taxes because leftist causes are always the right causes.

Confiscatory taxation is a form of tyranny when confiscatory taxation is used for redistribution purposes and to grow government. There is no honor in funding what is harmful to our nation’s welfare.

By the way, Trump paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income in 2005, a higher percentage than Mitt Romney, the Obamas, Bernie Sanders, Warren Buffet, and most likely many millionaire Democrats like Sarah Silverman.

Silverman’s net worth is $12 million. In 2005, citizen Trump paid more than three times Silverman’s net worth. That’s more than enough “honor.”

There’s nothing in the Constitution that requires presidential candidates to release copies of their tax returns. And why is that? Because when the Constitution was drafted there wasn’t an income tax. An income tax was added to the Constitution via the 16th Amendment in 1913, and not everyone was required to pay taxes on their income. The people were scammed into voting for it because they were assured that only the rich would be paying it.

In addition, since the passage of the evil 16th Amendment, nothing has been added to the Constitution requiring that presidential candidates release their income tax forms.

Instead of protesting for Trump to release his tax documents, the nation should be protesting the amount of taxes our government confiscates from income earners each year and spends on programs that have no constitutional validity.

Furthermore, why should nearly 50 percent of Americans care about confiscatory taxing policies since they do not pay federal income taxes?

“An estimated 45.3 percent of American households — roughly 77.5 million — will pay no federal individual income tax, according to data for the 2015 tax year from the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington-based research group. . . . The top 1 percent of Americans, who have an average income of more than $2.1 million, pay 43.6 percent of all the federal individual income tax in the US; the top 0.1 percent — just 115,000 households, whose average income is more than $9.4 million — pay more than 20 percent of it.” (H/T: New York Post)

All the talk about rich folks not paying their “fair share” is a leftist talking point that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry used to attack Donald Trump rather than the Democrats who are in the wealth confiscation business to buy votes. Once the 50+ percent threshold by non-tax payers is reached, we may never see a reduction in the income tax or its elimination.

A better protest march should be whether we should have an income tax and the programs and vote-buying schemes that go along with the government wealth confiscation Amendment.

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