Pro-Obama Professor Harassing Students to Vote for Obama

College professors have a lot of control over students. They can make or break a student’s career by manipulating his or her grades, failing a student for not holding politically correct positions, or even refusing to graduate a student who does not believe that homosexuality is morally and clinically normative. It’s happened in several cases.

Professors have put pressure on female students to trade sexual favors for better grades. For the past 40 years, college and university campuses are bastions of liberalism of the worst kind. Most colleges and universities are dependent on tax dollars and grant money. Why would they ever vote for somebody who wanted to cut taxes? Their job depends on Democrats staying in office.

Now we’re getting information that a pro-Obama college professor at Brevard College is harassing students by requiring them to “state their party affiliations.”

“A citizen, whose nephew attends Brevard Community College, reports that he brought home [a] . . . bookmark pledging to vote for President Obama. The bookmark and pledge was handed out during a mathematics class taught by Assistant Professor Sharon Sweet. This occurred ‘while the student was in class at the request of his College Algebra teacher, Sharon Sweet, from Brevard Community College in [Melbourne] Florida.’”

“On the tear away pledge form that students received, was the requirement to ‘state their party affiliation.’ The student reported that Sweet has repeatedly stated her personal political views in support of President Obama in class. The student noted, ‘There is an older gentleman in the class that will argue with her but he said most of the students did not.’”

The GOTTAVOTE pledge states the following: “I Pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”

What is a mathematics’ professor doing talking about politics in a class where she’s supposed to be teaching algebra? She mustn’t be very good at math or she would have pointed out how impossible Obama’s arithmetic is, and you don’t even need algebra to do that. Maybe it’s the reimplementation of ‘New Math.’

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