Four Reasons Why the Obama Administration Can’t and Won’t Protect the US

As I mentioned in a previous article, things are beginning to unravel for the Obama Administration. The center can’t hold. The media have done everything in their limited power to keep his administration from imploding.

Now there are events happening around the world that are beyond their control. They’re still lying for him, and Obama’s administration is also still lying trying to tell us that some cheesy film is responsible for all the bloodshed in Muslim countries.

Alternative news sources have exposed the incompetency of Obama’s presidency — from foot-in-mouth-disease Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy ineptitude.

But here’s why Obama can’t protect us:

First, he believes the United States is the real enemy. It’s now payback time for America and President Obama is leading the charge. So when he sees people attacking our nation and its flag, he says to himself, “It’s about time.”

Second, when talking to the press in the United States, his words are like a high dose of dopamine to reporters — with the emphasis on “dope.” They go intellectually limp as a state of messianic euphoria comes over them. This new man can do no wrong. He’s the smartest guy in the room (even though we’ve never seen his college and law school transcripts).

Third, Obama believes his own press releases. When he made his speech to the Muslim world in Egypt on June 4, 2009, he really thought that his words alone would be enough to quell any animosity the Muslim world had toward the United States. You can spot the naiveté or bravado in this paragraph from his speech:

“I’ve come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.  Instead, they overlap, and share common principles — principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

Note the word “tolerance.” There is no tolerance among active Muslim population in the Middle East. Their goal is “submission,” and if you don’t submit willingly, then you and I will be forced to submit.

Fourth, Obama does not understand the long history of animosity of Islam toward the United States. He quotes John Adams, actually the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, out of context:

“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story. . . . In signing the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796, our second President, John Adams, wrote, ‘The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims.’ And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.”

The Treaty of Tripoli stated that we — the United States — had “no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims.” The Muslims off the coast of Tripoli were capturing Americans off passing ships and selling them into slavery. The United States went to war over this issue. The Marines’ Hymn tells it all: “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli.”

Words aren’t working in Egypt, Tunisia, Benghazi, and other parts Middle East. Obama’s Muslim brothers are burning him in effigy. None of this matters to him. He believes that the power of his will is enough to stem the tide of violence. And with that operating view, we are a nation unprotected.

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