President Obama Says that Corrupt Hollywood Should Be America’s Guide

The common-man President  Obama told supporters at a $40,000 dinner hosted by Hollywood big wigs that their efforts and money will be crucial to winning in November. It went beyond the typical fawning over celebrities, since he is the ultimate celebrity. The president capped his talk with this unbelievable claim:

“You’re the tie-breaker You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”

I wonder if President Obama lets his children watch the trash that comes out of Hollywood or would want them to imitate the Hollywood lifestyle of out-of-wedlock births, serial marriages, homosexuality, vulgarity, and the celebration of the drug culture.

Many people in Hollywood believe that they are the beacons of light to a dark world. Too many of them believe that their views on the world are life-transforming. When Hollywood speaks, the world is required to listen. Celebrities are brought to Congress to speak on issues that they are emotionally attached to but have little empirical data to prove.

Many of you may remember the Great Apple Scare of 1989. Alar was a chemical that was sprayed on apples to keep them from ripening too quickly.

Almost overnight the Alar story seemed to be everywhere: Phil Donahue, the Today Show, Women’s Day, CNN, The MacNeil/Lehrer Report, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. Actress Meryl Streep announced on TV the formation of Mothers and Others for Pesticide Limits.

Streep even testified before Congress. (Not surprisingly, Streep attended this latest fundraising blowout for Obama.) Alar was off the market, apple growers went out of business, and environmental groups found a new way to gain attention and raise cash.1

Hollywood types have a very high view of themselves. There’s nothing new in their self-proclaimed Philosopher-king status. Many in the entertainment field, for example, believe that they are the nation’s conscience and the only true guiding light. In an interview with film director and producer Francis Ford Coppola, most noted for The Godfather trilogy, the aggressive nature and comprehensive effects of worldviews are stated unapologetically:

 My dream is that the artist class—people who have proven through their work that they are humanists and wish to push for what Aldous Huxley called the desirable human potentialities of intelligence, creativity and friendliness—will seize the instrument of technology and try to take humanity into a period of history in which we can reach for a utopia. Of course, it is possible for the technology to be misused—we could end up with a Big Brother—but we could also have a balanced society, with an artist class leading the culture toward something approximating a happy family or tribe. At the moment, the nation is in a fog, and we’ve got to put our headlights on. Artists—those who rely on their intuition—can be the nation’s headlights.2

Since Coppola said the above30 years ago, Hollywood has been the public face and promoter of liberal causes. Obama doesn’t care about Hollywood’s (mostly) corrupt worldview. He thinks he’s above it all. Nobody is.

  1. While Alar has been verified as a human carcinogen, the amount necessary for it to be dangerous may well be extremely high. The lab tests that prompted the scare required an amount of Alar equal to over 5,000 gallons (20,000 L) of apple juice per day. []
  2. “A Conversation With Francis Coppola,” U.S. News and World Report (April 5, 1982), 68. []
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