Pres. Trump Chooses Science over Gender-Identity Politics

TIME magazine reports that “the Trump Administration is considering a policy that could effectively end federal recognition of more than a million adults who identify as a gender other than the one listed on their original birth certificate.” The title of the article? “What Could Happen If the Federal Government Redefined Gender?”

Leftists are the ones who have redefined gender, so much so that there are now more than 60 different gender categories.

There are three fundamental issues in the debate over gender. First, are there really more than two sexes? Second, does a person’s identification of a particular gender mean that the other 330 million people in the United States must accept a person’s chosen gender or suffer legal consequences? People can identify as anything they want, but no one should be forced to accept as rational, moral, legal, or scientific what a person identifies as. Third, homosexuals, transgenders, and those who advocate for dozens of gender identities want to shut off all debate about the subject.

The [new] policy would protect Americans’ civil rights from the transgender ideology which insists that everyone has an FBI-enforced federal right to switch their legal sex — regardless of their biology — when entering sports competitions, K-12 bathrooms, hospitals, gym showers, the military, or single-sex civic society groups. This transgender ideology was promoted in 2016 by former President Barack Obama and is being imposed by many federal and state judges, despite visceral public opposition and scientists’ criticism.

Because some people claim to be a different sex or identify as a different gender does not mean they are actually what they claim to be or identify as. They are either male or female based on their sex organs. Yes, there are certain sexual abnormalities. For example, people who have both or neither male and female reproductive organs/genitalia. This is determined by scientific means.

There are people who engage in particular sexual practices, whether it’s homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, cohabitation, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, sexting, prostitution, bestiality, etc. Adulterers don’t identify as a particular sex. Neither do prostitutes. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that gender and sexual identity have made their way into the scientific literature and have become a political tool. King David chose to commit adultery and take additional “concubines and wives from Jerusalem” (2 Sam. 15:13-16). Solomon chose to have “seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines” (1 Kings 11), and an unnamed man in the Corinthian church chose to have sex with his father’s wife (1 Cor. 5:1-2). If these types of practices happened today, David could have brushed Nathan’s judgment aside by telling him that he was born that way or had a genetic predisposition toward infidelity and murder (2 Sam. 12).
Image result for king david nathan

Nathan the prophet confronts King David about his sins.

Here’s a headline from the Daily Mail (UK): “Is this the world’s most modern family? A man who used to be a woman gives birth to a baby by a woman who used to be a man.”

The Drudge report carried this headline: “Trans man gives birth to OWN BABY…”

Actually, the “man” is still a woman who got pregnant by a “woman” who’s still a man. Biology trumps ideology.

Here’s how the Daily Mail described their irrational relationship:

“They are the couple who made history last year when the transgender ‘father’ fell pregnant by the trans ‘mother’.

“And now, four months after giving birth to their first child, Fernando Machado – who was born a woman — and his partner Diane Rodriguez — who was born a man — have revealed they want to expand their brood.

“The new parents, from Ecuador, have opened up about life with their new baby after becoming the first transgender couple to fall pregnant in South America.”

The man is still a man and the woman is still a woman because their reproductive organs and DNA identify them as such. Wishful thinking does not alter the facts.

Liberals are always accusing conservatives of being “anti-science.” Those who support either homosexuality or transgenderism are the real science deniers. Biologists would not tolerate either sexual claim as being rational or biologically beneficial in the lab or the wild.

How would genetics explain bisexuality? Where are the genetic markers for men who “identify” as women, and women who “identify” as men? Again, there are no genetic markers.

Facebook has more than 70 gender categories. Are we to believe that all of these are based on genetics?

In the Broadway play and film Arsenic and Old Lace, “Teddy” believed he is Theodore Roosevelt. “Each time Teddy goes upstairs, he yells ‘Charge!’ and takes the stairs at a run, imitating Roosevelt’s famous charge up San Juan Hill.” He was humored and tolerated to a point, but no one was forced to accommodate his delusion.

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield “was a tenured English professor at Syracuse University, a skeptic of all things Christianity, and in a committed lesbian relationship. Her academic specialty was Queer Theory, a postmodern form of gay and lesbian studies. Today Butterfield is a mother of four, a homemaker, and wife of a Presbyterian pastor named Kent. They live in Durham, North Carolina.”

What made the difference? It came by way of a letter in response to an article she had written in a local newspaper that was written by Ken Smith, then-pastor of the Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church.

“It was a kind and inquiring letter. Ken Smith encouraged me to explore the kind of questions I admire: How did you arrive at your interpretations? How do you know you are right? Do you believe in God? Ken didn’t argue with my article; rather, he asked me to defend the presuppositions that undergirded it. I didn’t know how to respond to it, so I threw it away.

“Later that night, I fished it out of the recycling bin and put it back on my desk, where it stared at me for a week, confronting me with the worldview divide that demanded a response. As a postmodern intellectual, I operated from a historical materialist worldview, but Christianity is a supernatural worldview. Ken’s letter punctured the integrity of my research project without him knowing it.”

When is the last time (or even the first time) you have heard anyone approach the subject of same-sex sexuality and transgenderism and the more than 60 other gender identifiers on the basis of the fundamental presuppositions that undergird a worldview of forced compliance of sexual abnormalities?

It’s time that we stop arguing in terms of rights, protecting children, freedom of association, and liberty and challenge the presuppositions that have given rise to the overthrow of a moral worldview grounded in the character of God. Man, through the agency of the State, has become the new god and is redefining everything. There is no telling where such a worldview shake-up will take us.

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