Planned Parenthood Ignorance Shows Up in the Most Curious Places

While vacationing in Florida over the holidays, I came across the following item at Central Square Records at Santa Rosa Beach. It’s a great record store, too bad it doesn’t know much about Planned Parenthood:

I Went to Planned Parenthood And All I Got Was A Breast Exam, A Pap Smear, Physical Exam, STD Testing And Treatment, Information And Counseling About My Sexual And Reproductive Health, Cancer Screenings, A Pregnancy Test, Prenatal Services, And Access To Affordable Birth Control.

Power and Light Press‘s website says that “25% of proceeds from these bags are donated to Planned Parenthood. Over $94,000 donated so far!!!!!”

Of course, the statement on the bag is a lie. Planned Parenthood supports and performs abortions, and uses confiscated tax dollars to promote and perform abortions.

Even Planned Parenthood advertises for abortions.

“Dr.” Leah Torres is a proud Planned Parenthood abortionists:

The abortionist who earlier this year boasted she prevents unborn babies from screaming by cutting their vocal cords is stirring controversy again, reports Breitbart News.

Responding to a tweet wondering what God thinks of her profession, Utah abortionist Leah Torres said, “God performs way more abortions than I do, so there’s that.”

Last week she tweeted that she had no problem using abortion as “birth prevention.”

“I feel fine about that,” wrote Torres, who works at Planned Parenthood’s Metro Health Center in Salt Lake City.

Breitbart noted earlier this week that abortion was the No. 1 cause of death worldwide in 2018, with more than 41 million. By contrast, 8.2 million people died from cancer, 5 million from smoking and 1.7 million from HIV/AIDS.

In March, WND reported, Torres caused a social-media uproar when she explained that the unborn babies she kills “can’t scream,” because she cuts “the cord” first.

She was exchanging tweets with a pro-lifer regarding whether she is in the abortion business for the money when the pro-lifer asked her: “Do you hear the heartbeats when you lay down at night?”

Torres replied: “No. You know fetuses can’t scream, right? I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity, if they’re even far enough along to have a larnyx. I won’t apologize for performing medicine. I’m also a “uterus ripper outer,” if that’s how you’d like to describe hysterectomy.” (WND)

What has the GOP done to defund Planned Parenthood? Nothing! “They had two years to defund Planned Parenthood, and they failed,” lamented Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins. “It’s a huge frustration. We worked so hard to elect supposedly these pro-life Republican officials, and we expected results.”

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