Paying a Tax for NOT Doing Something May Become the New Normal

A friend sent me an image of King George III with the following text layered over the image. It reads:King George III

 “You mean to tell me that we can tax them for NOT buying tea?”

 Can you imagine how much money could be raised by taxing people for not doing something? It’s genius.

When we think of taxes, we think of things and services being taxed: gasoline, land, automobiles, etc. You name it, and the State will tax it.

Ronald Reagan had a great line describing how liberals think about taxes:

“If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

But neither King George nor Ronald Reagan ever considered that liberals would tax people for NOT doing something. In this case, for not buying insurance.

King George and every other tyrant would be kicking themselves that they had never thought of it.

It took a Supreme Justice to validate the proposition that a person can be taxed for not doing something that he does not want to do and the Constitution does not require him to do. If a person can be taxed for not buying insurance, will the day come when the State steps in and begins to tax people for not eating the right kind of foods, reading the right kind of books, and associating with the right kinds of people?

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