Let the ACLU Have Its Pro-Abortion License Plate

I’m not a big fan of “cause” license plates. I doubt that they do much good. One of the big “cause” license plates is “Choose Life.” I applaud the efforts of those who worked hard to get the plates approved, but the message is too ambiguous for me.

At every turn, however, the pro-abortionists and their allies have denounced the “Choose Life” message. I’m willing to wager that most people who see the plates don’t know that the “Choose Life” message is a pro-life, anti-abortion statement.

Even so, the ACLU and its pro-abortion allies have pulled out all the stops to prohibit the plates using a bogus constitutional argument:

“The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments this week both for and against ‘Choose Life’ license plates for North Carolina drivers, as the battle over the plates continues to rage between state officials and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).”

In 2012, “a federal judge appointed by Ronald Reagan ordered the state of North Carolina to stop producing pro-life license plates unless it also makes available plates that favor abortion.”Choose Life_NC

Get this. The judge in the case said that the “‘Choose Life’ plates amount to ‘viewpoint discrimination’ and are therefore unconstitutional.”

“This court concludes … that the state’s offering of a Choose Life license plate in the absence of a pro-choice plate constitutes viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment,” U.S. District Court Judge James Carroll Fox wrote.

There’s nothing in the Constitution about “viewpoint discrimination,” and certainly nothing in the First Amendment.

Furthermore, this is a state issue (Tenth Amendment). The United States Constitution doesn’t have anything to say about what a state can put on its license plates. The First Amendment is a prohibition against Congress not the state of North Carolina: “Congress shall make no law. . .”

“Currently, 29 states offer ‘Choose Life’ plates, and North Carolina and New York are the only two that are fighting legal challenges over the matter.” So-called “viewpoint discrimination” could apply to any statement that appears on a license plate, including state slogans. Arkansas has “Land of Opportunity.” What about all the people who aren’t experiencing opportunity?

Idaho has “Great Potatoes.” What if I don’t like potatoes? They are fattening. Too many carbs. Idaho has other industries. Why should the potato industry get so much state support?

But let’s give the ACLU and the pro-abortionists their own license plates. “[S]ix separate amendments have been presented to lawmakers in the state legislature in an effort to have produced plates that read either ‘Trust Women. Respect Choice’ or just ‘Respect Choice.’” But they don’t really describe what really happens when an abortion takes place.

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • “It’s OK to kill your unborn baby.”
  • “Abortion stops a beating heart.”
  • “Trust Women Who Kill their Unborn Babies.
  • “Respect the Choice to Kill an Unborn Baby.”

If it’s truth the ACLU and the courts really want, then the license plates should tell the truth. We need full disclosure. The choice to do what? Kill an unborn baby. This is what abortionists believe. Make them say so. Both the pro-life and pro-abortion license plates should state specifically what they are truly defending.

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