Obama’s Approval Rating Among Muslims at Historic Highs

Across the board, President Obama’s approval ratings are low for a president who has been touted as America’s political Messiah. Even so, I’ve wondered how with all the mess the nation is facing how his approval rating could still be in the 40 percent range. The most recent poll has him at around 45 percent.

His approval rating among blacks is very high – around 85 percent. That’s to be expected. Although more than 95 percent of blacks voted for him in two national elections, his numbers are down slightly among this core constituency.

Keep in mind that poll numbers include several factors. One factor is that he’s not being liberal enough.

There’s another group that is skewing the numbers higher: Muslims. In the 2012 presidential election “close to 90 percent voted for President Obama.” As a recent poll shows, that number is down slightly, but it’s still very high.

The following is from Politico:


“President Barack Obama’s approval rating is higher among Muslims than any other religious group, a new poll says.

“According to a Gallup poll released Friday that tracked responses for the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of Muslims said they approve of the president, compared with just 20 percent who disapprove.

“Mormons were the least approving religious group, with 18 percent of Mormons approving and 78 percent disapproving of the president. Mormons in the past have ranked as the most conservative major religious group in the U.S.

“The survey underscores a religious divide when it comes to presidential approval — Obama is more popular among non-Christians and less popular among Christians.

“Those who classify as ‘Other non-Christian’ gave the president a 59 percent approval rating, while Jewish Americans gave Obama a 55 percent approval rating and atheists or those who subscribe to no religion have a 54 percent approval rating.

“Catholics, on the other hand, have only a 44 percent approval rating of Obama, compared with 51 percent disapproval. Protestants and other Christians are more critical, with 37 percent approving and 58 percent disapproving.”

We need to keep in mind that there is a bottom to his numbers. There is a floor to which Obama’s approval ratings will never drop below. No matter what he does or how bad things get, there will always be people who will support him. There’s no dissuading them.

Allyn Root explains it well:

“Keep in mind that Obama has the support of about 35% to 40% of the population that will NEVER abandon him, no matter what he does, no matter how bad the jobs numbers look, no matter how low the economy goes, no matter how much scandal and corruption is exposed, no matter how strong the facts are against him. Nothing will ever change their minds. These are the ‘low information voters’ of the Democratic Party.”

These voters believe that it’s not Obama and liberalism that’s failed. In their low information minds, it’s conservatives that stand in the way of liberal policies that are the real problem. If taxes were higher and government regulated our lives more, we would be living in a near utopia.

Detroit isn’t the fault of failed liberal policies; it’s those rich bastards that brought destruction to the Motor City. No amount of reasoning will convince them otherwise.

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