New Book: ‘The Rapture and the Fig Tree Generation’

On January 21, 2020, I traveled to Dinosaur Adventure Land in Conecuh County, Alabama, where I debated the topic of the Rapture with Kent Hovind. Kent took the Post Trib/Pre-Wrath position while I took the position that there was no rapture since there is no future seven-year period in which the Antichrist makes and breaks a covenant with Israel.

I based my arguments on Daniel 9:24–27, a sequence of verses that does not mention a gap between the 69th and 70th weeks of the 70-weeks-years (490) years, an antichrist, or a covenant made and broken by an antichrist.

Lots of people wondered why I would do a debate with Kent. It’s because it was close enough for me to drive (four hours) and he has a very large audience.

In fact, in less than three weeks, the debate has been viewed more than 35,000 times. You can view or hear the debate by clicking on the following:

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Many people ask why I keep dealing with prophetic systems that claim we are always living on the cusp of some always near prophetic event. The answer is simple: Because there are millions of Christians who believe it and act (or not act) in such a way because they believe it’s hopeless and futile to engage with the issues that are affecting our nation. For them, we are living on a sinking Titanic, so why rearrange the deck chairs if it’s all going down?

Such beliefs have a negative impact on our nation and its institutions. It’s not that every believer in one of the five rapture positions is indifferent to cultural engagement, but enough of them are that it’s making a negative difference.

To help Christians traverse prophetic issues in a readable and comprehensive way, I’ve written ten books on the subject. Here’s my latest and two that have recently been reprinted:

My newest book on the subject is The Rapture and the Fig Tree Generation. All the material in this book is new. Some of the topics covered have never been dealt with by prophecy writers.

  • Did God stop the prophetic clock regarding Israel, thereby postponing the 70th week of Daniel’s 70-weeks-of years prophecy by inserting a nearly 2000-year gap called the “Church Age”?
  • Will God restart the prophecy clock at the beginning of the 70th week (seven years) once the Church is taken off the earth in the pre-tribulation rapture?
  • Does Daniel’s “70 weeks of years” prophecy indicate a gap in time (parenthesis) between the end of the 69 weeks (483 years) and the 70th week (7 years)? If there is no gap (now supposedly nearly 2000 years long), can there be a pre-tribulational rapture or any rapture?
  • Does the Bible teach a distinction between Israel and the Church where the Church is a new redemptive body of believers because Israel rejected Jesus as its promised Messiah?
  • What is the fate of Israel in the pre-tribulational rapture interpretive position, and why would God wait nearly 2000 years to deal with Israel again and then lead the chosen nation into another holocaust?
  • Does the Bible say that Jesus could come at “any moment” or that His coming was “near” and “soon” to take place before that first-century generation passed away?
  • Is the “wrath” or “tribulation” that the Bible says God’s people will escape an escape from this world in a “rapture” or an escape from a local judgment in Jerusalem?
  • What should we think of Israel becoming a nation again in 1948?
  • Who was the Antipas in Revelation 2:13 and does his martyrdom inform us on when the book of Revelation was written?
  • Should the book of Revelation be interpreted literally?

These and many more relevant questions are answered in The Rapture and the Fig Tree Generation.

Last Days Madness

Available at the American Vision Store

Last Days Madness is the most comprehensive. It covers everything from date setting and failed predictions to the identity of the Man of Lawlessness and the Antichrist and much more in between:

    • The Meaning of Near, Shortly, Quickly, and “This Generation”
    • The Prophetic Discourse of Matthew 24
    • The Rebuilt Temple
    • The Abomination of Desolation
    • The Meaning of 666
    • The Return of Jesus
    • The Cursed Fig Tree
    • The Passing Away of Heaven and Earth
    • Armageddon
    • The Rapture
    • The Identity of “Mystery Babylon”

It’s been out of print for a few months, but it’s available again here.

Wars and Rumors of Wars is a comprehensive study of Matthew 24 and the lead-up in chapter 23. It covers each verse and shows that Jesus was referring to the generation of His day and not a future generation. In addition to the comprehensive study, I’ve included a shortened version at the end of the book that’s helpful for someone who will not read a 195-page book.

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