NBA, Liberal, Black, and Media Hypocrites

Donald Sterling has been fined by the NBA and is banned for life from attending any NBA games or have any contact with players. It’s amazing how swiftly justice is meted out when money is involved.

Oprah said Sterling’s comments remind her of “a plantation mentality in the 21st century, in 2014. It just doesn’t fit.” That’s some plantation where players make tens of millions of dollars a year. Michael Jordan is nearly a billionaire.

I don’t know what the process is to own an NBA team, but there are a lot of rich black players and entrepreneurs who could make offers that current owners would find hard to refuse. So why haven’t they done it?

The NBA has known about Sterling’s bigotry for a long time. The NAACP has as well.

Al Sharpton admitted that he knew about Sterling’s “multi-million dollar discrimination lawsuits in the past.”

Bryant Gumbel who hosts HBO Sports said the same thing.

Consider these comments from Eric Bolling:

“Given those admissions, one would have to ask: Why would the NAACP honor Donald Sterling with their ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’?

“Why would Al Sharpton agree to headline the same dinner honoring a racist like Sterling? (Check out the invitation to the dinner here.)

“Why isn’t MSNBC asking these questions [since Sharpton’s show is on the network]? Maybe because it exposes Al Sharpton for what he is — a race baiter who loves the limelight so much that he was willing to break bread and be recognized alongside someone ‘he knew was a racist.’”

 Al Sharpton Invitation

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who formerly owned the Seattle SuperSonics, said, “I don’t know him [Sterling], but I was an owner while he was an owner. So I’ve witnessed his, uh, behavior. Let’s say that.”

What? You witnessed it and didn’t say anything about it?

What’s with these guys? What a bunch of hypocrites.

If Sterling had in any way been associated with Republicans, he would have been ousted years ago. Instead, he was about to be honored by one of the nation’s biggest race baiters.

And what about the black players? Are we to assume that they didn’t know about Sterling’s views and past history on race issues? Give me a break.

Let’s get something straight. Racism is alive and well in liberal land. So the next time some leftist calls the Tea Party racist, point them to Donald Sterling and nearly 20 years of keeping his racial views hidden from public sight for financial gain.

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