Dinesh D’Souza ‘America’ Film Coming to Theaters July 4th

In 2012, Dinesh D’Souza produced 2016: Obama’s America. It was second-highest-grossing political documentary of all time behind Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. We need to keep in mind that Moore’s films get a big boost from the liberal establishment. This will not be the case with D’Souza’s upcoming film America that will theaters on the Fourth of July.

It’s been said that you can’t beat something with nothing. If we are going to compete in the marketplace of ideas, we must engage that marketplace with quality material. D’Souza’s two films are a good start. We need many more like them.Hopefully other filmmakers will find inspiration in the work he’s doing.

Dinesh D’Souza says, “We answer the central moral challenge of America’s critics, which is that America’s greatness is based on theft, plunder and oppression.” Listen for other red-button phrases from interviewees describing the USA as “the new evil empire” and a “predatory colonial power” as well as referring to Mount Rushmore as “a symbol of oppression and genocide to our people.”

Take a peek at the trailer for America:

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