Muslims Killed Pastor for Showing ‘Jesus Film’ but no Media Outrage

Americans have short memories or no memory of all since many stories never make it to the evening newscasts.

In 2003, Christian evangelist Hridoy Roy was murdered by a gang of eight men who attacked him at his home. The assailants stabbed Roy repeatedly after tying him “crucifixion style” to his bed. Roy was known for showing the popular “Jesus Film,” a word-for-word account from the book of Luke used for evangelism purposes worldwide.

Where was the media outrage about the showing of this film? There was no attack on Muhammad. The film has been shown to millions of people all over the world. The content of the film depicts the religious heritage of more than a billion Christians worldwide. Was the film “insensitive”? President Obama claims to be a Christian. Would he have thought the film was “insensitive” to Islamic beliefs? How could he since Muslims say they honor the the New Testament Jesus.

Do you remember the story when the Pentagon confirmed that a U.S. soldier deliberately kicked a Guantanamo prisoner’s copy of the Koran — the Muslim “holy book” — in violation of the military’s rules for handling the “sacred” text?

The usual suspects in the media stoked the flames of this “desecration” in order to sully the reputation of the United States in the eyes of radical Muslim extremists who are hell-bent on destroying Christian civilization.

These radicals are not just against the decadent West, the Great Satan as they like to call us, but against Jesus Christ and the gospel. This is an old war. In the early days of America’s founding, our nation had to defend itself against Muslim extremists who were kidnapping American sailors and enslaving them:

“For nearly two hundred years, Barbary pirates had haunted the Mediterranean, enslaving infidels and extorting millions of dollars from European countries in a holy war against Christendom. Newly independent, American ships became a target of piracy. Instead of paying tribute, after his inauguration Jefferson chose to fight. . . . Jefferson ordered the new U.S. Navy to Tripoli in 1801, starting the Barbary War that ended in 1805.”1

Organizations like Amnesty International and the International Red Cross, not to be confused with the American Red Cross, are outraged by the “criminal act” of mishandling a book whose pages are used to foment murder. This so-called holy book is used by terrorists to justify their murderous acts against anyone who does not subscribe to their manufactured religion. Lopping of the heads in the name of “Allah” seems to be a bit more criminal than mishandling a book, even if it is deemed “holy.”

Where was the outcry from these international organizations when Islamic militants sawed off the heads of three hostages believed to be Iraqi Kurds, and the video of this unspeakable crime was broadcast around the world by the willing accomplishes in the media who believe it’s their duty to stand with terrorists and the book they use to justify their terrorism?

Every day around the world Muslims are killing other Muslims in the name of Allah and the Koran. These stories are reported, but with little or no outrage. But let a Koran be given to a detainee in Guantanamo by a soldier who does not wear white gloves, and just listen to the howls and cackles of outrage. If Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion are treated with disdain because of the crimes they perpetuated on the Jews, then why not express similar disdain for a book that has been used to kill thousands of American citizens right here in the United States? Would the white supremacist, anti-government Turner Diaries have been given to Timothy McVeigh if had requested a copy when the book was the inspiration behind his murderous deed?

We mustn’t forget what Muslims do to Christians in the name of the Koran. Dulal Sarkar, a Baptist lay pastor in Bangladesh, was beheaded by a group of assailants reportedly tied to a Muslim political party bent on creating a radical Islamic state. Sarkar was attacked as he returned home from discussing his faith with villagers. Fearing for their lives, the victim’s wife, mother and five children are moving from place to place. Last September, Abdul Gani, a prominent Baptist leader and physician, reportedly was decapitated by a gang in the district of Jamalpur as he returned home from work.

For Amnesty International to describe the detention center at Guantanamo as the “gulag of our times” because its “procedures” are a “breach of the Geneva Convention” is pure leftist propaganda. This radical anti-American group should be walking the streets of Baghdad and taking notes on each car bomb that goes off. Details of AI’s observations should then be written up in a report detailing these real atrocities — Muslims killing Muslims, many of whom are probably carrying the sacrosanct Koran on their person — and passed on to Muslim leaders around the world and demand that they condemn the actions of their fellow Muslims.

  1. Joseph Wheelan, Jefferson’s War (Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2003). []
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