Why the Media are Giving Attention to Crack-Smoking Canadian Mayor Rob Ford

Have you noticed that the media, including sites like Breitbart, are reporting on Rob Ford, the crack-smoking, drunken Mayor of Toronto? For readers who happen on this story who may not be up on their geography, Toronto is in Canada. Why all the attention in the media?

The first reports that came out about Ford were that he had admitted smoking crack cocaine. He was also videotaped gyrating in a drunken stupor at a party.

The latest incident is even more bizarre. “Ford was caught on video Monday bum-rushing a female Councillor as the council voted to strip the admitted crack smoker of most of his mayoral powers.” So in order to stop someone from voting to remove many of his governing authority, he tackled her.

Ford’s antics even got the attention of the folks at Saturday Night Live in their opening skit:

So what’s up with all the reporting on the crack-smoking, alcohol guzzling, out-of-control mayor of Toronto, Canada?

It’s simple.

It’s designed to divert attention away from the falling poll numbers of President Obama and the disaster of the roll out of Obamacare.

Obama may be bad, but he’s not as bad as Rob Ford.

While everybody’s laughing at Ford’s antics, less press time is being devoted to Obama’s political misfortunes. The Democrats will do anything to divert public attention away from the President’s political foibles.

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