Gestapo Tactics used Against Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker

The Gestapo is alive and well in America masquerading as an opposition political party against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his conservative supporters. When liberals can’t win elections, they find a surreptitious “legal” way to stop the opposition. Here’s how Joe Schoffstall reports the story at Capitol City Project:

“In Wisconsin, dozens of conservative groups and allies of Gov. Scott Walker are undergoing political intimidation from the left at the hands of a special prosecutor.

“Subpoenas have been issued demanding correspondence and donor information of right-leaning organizations and individuals and raids have been conducted resulting in law enforcement officers taking computers and files in a secret investigation, according to reports.

“‘In recent weeks, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has hit dozens of conservative groups with subpoenas demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Walker and state legislative leaders,’ the Wall Street Journal writes.”

All the power and authority for what is called a “John Doe proceeding” resides with the State. The law “bars a subpoena’s targets from disclosing its contents to anyone but his attorneys. John Doe probes work much like a grand jury, allowing prosecutors to issue subpoenas and conduct searches, while the gag orders leave the targets facing the resources of the state with no way to publicly defend themselves.”

The subpoenas go deep and wide. This is worse than a secret enemies list. It’s being done in full daylight seemingly with no fear of legal consequences.

The Left has always been out of control, but we now are moving into a darker and deeper end of the political pool as we see tactics that are reminiscent of the Nazis and Communist regimes. This is no exaggeration. The Wall Street Journal reports the following:

“Copies of two subpoenas we’ve seen demand ‘all memoranda, email . . . correspondence, and communications’ both internally and between the subpoena target and some 29 conservative groups, including Wisconsin and national nonprofits, political vendors and party committees. The groups include the League of American Voters, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity—Wisconsin, American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, Friends of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.”

This is pure intimidation learned from union thugs who are a primary funding engine of the Democrat Party.Gestapo

What’s taking place in Wisconsin has been going on at the IRS, keeping conservative groups from competing with liberal groups with the coveted non-profit status. Liberals do not like losing elections. They will do anything to win, even if it means embracing the tactics of the Nazi Gestapo.

The enemy is getting desperate. This makes them even more dangerous.

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