How the Media, Democrats, and the GOP Miscalculated Donald Trump

When Donald Trump first opened his mouth, the liberal media, Democrats, and the GOP establishment believed that attacking him would be a slam dunk. In fact, they believed they didn’t need to attack him. His own words would send him to the political backwater.

Boy, were they wrong.

“A new Monmouth University poll shows Donald Trump crushing fellow Republicans in New Hampshire, where he has double the support of the next closest candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, among voters likely to participate in the Granite State primary. Trump’s 24 percent support bests Bush’s 12 percent in the poll, conducted July 23-26 of 467 New Hampshire voters expected to vote in the Republican primary.”

Bush is the establishment choice – even, it seems, among some Democrats as they see their hopes in Hillary being dashed. They need a “bring home the bacon” candidate, and it doesn’t have to be a Democrat.

It’s these types of stories that have kicked the political hornet’s nest. “The American people are sending a message to the Democrats through Bernie Sanders and the Republicans through Donald Trump, and people are angry out there, and that’s what you’re seeing,” Richard Viguerie told “Newsmax Prime.”

Over the years, Rush Limbaugh has said that there would be some event that would change the political landscape. It wouldn’t be something that could be planned or even anticipated. No one would know what it was until it happened.

It’s happened.

Trump talking about in public what millions of Americans have been talking about in private for years. There has been a growing Silent Majority that has been dismissed by the Washington establishment in both parties, and as a result has avoided voting for what has increasingly becoming a single mega-party of self-aggrandizement and “follow-the-money” political maneuvering.

Both parties are fundamentally transforming American through immigration policies, and many legal immigrants are ticked off. The following is from “Hispanics for Trump: It’s No Joke”:

“A new poll of GOP primary voters in Nevada by One America news Network shows Trump in first place among Hispanics. He was the choice of 27.7% of all respondents. Among Hispanics, the figure jumped to 31.4%.”

There are millions of hard working immigrants in the United States. They don’t like line jumpers any more than a first grader at lunch.

Democrats want immigrants to secure their political base. Republicans want cheap labor. In reality, representatives and their financial backers in both parties make more money. “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Tim. 6:10).

It’s all about power, money, and prestige. The Republican establishment is content to be the minority party, even if it means being the lapdog to the Democrats as long as their supporters make more money.

In addition to the immigration issue, the Planned Parenthood exposé came out of left field. No one saw it coming and the impact it would have. Republicans and Democrats have always wanted to believe that the debate over abortion was over. It’s not.

Even so, the Republican establishment won’t touch the issue. Again, it’s a money issues. Big money Republican donors don’t like social issues. Their wives and daughters most likely have had abortions.

The general public, however, has been horrified over the revelation of PP’s gruesome business. They’ve learned of PP’s bloody body-parts selling through alternative media. The mainstream media have ignored the story, and when there has been reporting, it’s been to defend the tax-payer subsidized pro-abortion organization.

Even so, millions of conservative Americans know what’s going on, and they want their political leaders to do something about it. They’re tired of the cronyism, double dealing, lying, and foot dragging.

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