29 Oct 2011

Occupiers’ Alternative Lifestyle Comes Out of Somebody Else’s Pocket

If you’ve never watched “The Rockford Files,” then you have missed some of the greatest social commentary ever to come out of a sit-com. One of the best episodes is when Jim Rockford, played by James Garner, teams up with a New Age nut named Jane Patten who goes by

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27 Oct 2011

Liberal Insanity is Putting Your Children at Risk

“It’s hard to be raised by nannies and in chaos.” These are the words of Chastity Bono, the daughter of the famed entertainment couple Sonny (1935–1998) and Cher. Chastity, who now goes by the name “Chaz” because of transgender surgery, was voted off “Dancing with the Stars.” She was described

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