What the Liberal Media are Not Reporting About Elliot Rodger’s Politics

If Eliot Rodger had any ties to conservatives, the media would have jumped on the story with both feet. Of course, they had a real problem on their hands since Rodger is the son of Hollywood types. His father is an assistant director. Where were the media going to find a conservative among leftist gardens of Hollywood? Their hopes were dimmed quickly.

The most troubling factor for them is that the murderer was most like the offspring of liberal Hollywood types of privilege. You know, the 1 percenters that liberals hate except when they give them money and support Democrats.


After every awful tragic shooting in America, pundits rush in hopes of pinning a big red “R” on the shooter to smear Republicans with, but they were disappointed when Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger was found to be a fan of the Progressive YouTube show, “The Young Turks.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported, the deranged shooter’s YouTube channel was subscribed to many shows including those having to do with video games, but this was the only political show he was a fan of:

This was the same YouTube account where Rodger posted his despicable ramblings about being unable to have a relationship with women and his plan for his “Day of Retribution.”

The Young Turks channel is very popular among the left, sporting more than a billion views while spouting left-wing vitriol like the following:

Read the rest of the story at IJR.

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