Larry Flynt and Fidel Castro’s Niece Come Out in Support of President Obama

It’s been said that people are known by the company they keep. President Obama has gotten a great deal of praise from some rather unusual people. Although he has not directly sought out their endorsements, it’s interesting to note who’s supporting him.

The daughter of Cuba’s president, Raul Castro, praised President Obama after he came out in support of equal marriage rights for homosexual couples. Sexologist Mariela Castro is a homosexual rights activist in Cuba and niece of Fidel Castro. She is traveling around the United States pushing her sexologist propaganda agenda.

Not surprisingly, Fidel Castro came out in support of Obamacare.

Larry Flynt is a publisher of the pornography magazine Hustler. In 2003, Arena magazine listed him as the most popular person in the pornography business. Flynt’s Hustler magazine gained immediate notoriety when he published nude pictures of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis while she was sunbathing on vacation in 1971. The issue sold one million copies within a few days. A real classy guy.

Flynt has come out in full support of President Obama:

In an interview with Reihan Salam for Vice magazine, pornographer Larry Flynt reveals that he’s now a hardcore supporter of President Obama’s just two years after calling Obama an “ineffectual wimp” for giving in too much to Republicans.

“I think President Obama has overperformed,” Flynt says. “He got [his head] handed [to him on a] platter when he became president more than any president in history ever had to deal with…. I think he’s done a marvelous job.”

Flynt has been at the forefront of attacking Christians and conservatives. In 1988, Flynt won a Supreme Court decision, Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, after being sued by Rev. Jerry Falwell in 1983, over an offensive ad parody in Hustler that suggested that Falwell’s first sexual encounter was with his mother in an out-house. Falwell sued Flynt, citing emotional distress caused by the ad.

Most recently, Flynt’s magazine published a photoshopped picture of conservative female commentator S.E. Cupp showing her in a sexually explicit way because the magazine disapproves of her political beliefs.

Let’s not forget anti-Christian bully Dan Savage, race hustler Al Sharpton, and conservative-women denigrator Bill Maher are also big supporters of the president.

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