Kid With Bomb-Like Device Gets Invited to White House

A Muslim teenager was arrested for bringing a clock he built to class — which teachers thought might have been a dangerous device. It was not part of a science class.

The story has made Ahmed Mohamed a minor overnight celebrity A campaign of support on Twitter — with #IStandWithAhmed — was the site’s top-trending hashtag for a time.

Everybody from President Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to NASA has tweeted encouraging messages to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, who on Monday was handcuffed by cops and marched out of MacArthur High School in Texas.

Obama Tweet on Clock Bomb

The school is being ridiculed with being heavy handed with the incident. Of course, if some kid had brought a bomb to school and it went off, and people were injured or killed, what do you think people would be saying about school officials?

Let’s ask some questions? Why is it that the White House was temporarily shut down when an unidentified box that contained a coffee cup was found?

Why is it that when a student bit into a Pop Tart to shape it to look like a gun he was threatened with suspension? The 7-year-old student’s “parents had to hire a lawyer after the school threatened” the suspension. Pop Tarts, no matter what shape they are in, couldn’t confuse anyone that they might be dangerous.

Compare a Pop-Tart-shaped gun and a clock to circuit boards and wires in a suitcase being fiddled with during class

What if another student brings in a similar device in the future, and it is a bomb?

Then there’s the student who used his fingers to make them look like a gun. He was suspended.

Ten-year-old Nathan Entingh doesn’t understand why he got suspended from school for three days.

According to his father, Paul Entingh, one moment the boy was “goofing off” with his friends in fifth-grade science class, and the next the teacher was taking him out of the classroom, invoking Ohio’s zero-tolerance policy.

The offense? Nathan was “making his fingers look like a gun, having the thumb up and the pointed finger sticking out,” said Entingh.

How about the students who were suspended for bringing a toy gun to school that doesn’t look anything like a real gun?:

Contrast Mohamed’s experience with that of the Washington state elementary school students who were suspended for bringing a Nerf gun to school. It was June 2013 when the New York Daily News reported that the students were suspended for violating the school’s “zero tolerance” on guns – Nerf or otherwise.

Does anyone think the TSA would not have stopped Ahmed Mohamed if he had tried to carry the instrument on an airplane? There would have been a lot of questions. It’s my understanding that Ahmed was not cooperative when asked questions about the device.

Does anyone think that young Ahmed Mohamed would have been able to get his “cool clock,” as President Obama described it, through security at the White House?

I don’t think so.

Can you imagine what would have happened if some Christian student brought a Bible to school and started to read it and other students were asking him questions about it?

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