It’s Time to Put the Late Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and the Democrat Party on Trial

There was Clarence Thomas v. Anita Hill, Roy Moore v. some teenage girls, and now it’s Brett Kavanaugh v. Christine Blasey Ford who claims Kavanaugh abused her more than 35 years ago when they were teenagers. The thing of it is, except maybe in the Moore case, it’s one person’s word against another. Then there’s the great length of time between the alleged incidents and today. We can add the possible political motivation of the accusers.

Taylor Foy, a spokesman for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), released a lengthy statement after the [Washington] Post published its interview with Ford saying it was “disturbing” that the “uncorroborated allegations from more than 35 years ago, during high school, would surface on the eve of the committee vote.”

“It raises a lot of questions about Democrats’ tactics and motives to bring this to the rest of the committee’s attention only now rather than during these many steps along the way. Senator Feinstein should publicly release the letter she received back in July so that everyone can know what she’s known for weeks,” he added. (The Hill)

In the cases of Thomas v. Hill and Kavanaugh v. Ford, it’s a “he said/she said” stalemate, although there is an indication that another person witnessed the alleged incident in the Kavanaugh case. The thing of it is, the Democrat Party has a long history of protecting its sexual abusers while running roughshod over Republicans whose accusers have no corroborating witnesses.

Debra Katz, the lawyer representing Ford, was involved in another sexual assault case:

Katz treated Paula Jones’ accusations of sexual harassment against President Bill Clinton very differently in the 1990s. According to court documents, Jones claimed that then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton summoned her to his hotel room where she was working as a receptionist. While in the room he “unexpectedly reached over to (her), took her hand, and pulled her toward him, so that their bodies were close to each other.” She backed away, but he pursued, saying, ‘I love the way your hair flows down your back’ and ‘I love your curves. He then “put his hand on her leg, started sliding it toward her pelvic area, and bent down to attempt to kiss her on the neck, all without her consent.’ Jones claimed she said, “What are you doing?” and had to escape to a nearby sofa where she attempted to distract the governor by talking about his wife…. Katz dismissed Jones’ assertions on March 30th, 1998 on CNN’s “Talkback Live” saying that, “Paula Jones’ suit is very, very, very weak. She’s alleged one incident that took place in a hotel room that, by her own testimony, lasted 10 to 12 minutes. She suffered no repercussions in the workplace.” (Townhall)

Let’s not forget Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape, and Kathleen Willey who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. Hillary Clinton called Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with her husband, a “narcissistic loony toon.”

Joy Behar of The View said, “He [Clinton] is a dog. Let’s face it…. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.”

Then there’s Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy. The Chappaquiddick story is so well known that the words “Ted Kennedy” and “Chappaquiddick” are inseparably linked for all time. But there are many people who don’t know the story. 2019 will be the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. This means that most voters today weren’t even alive when Kennedy’s bridge incident occurred.

Here’s the trailer for the 2017 film Chappaquiddick:

Kennedy was most likely driving under the influence of alcohol on the evening of July 18, 1969, when he drove his car off Dike Bridge and into Poucha Pond, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne, a young campaign worker, to drown.

Kennedy survived politically and continued in the U.S. Senate for forty years because of the sentiment the people had for his two assassinated brothers and the fact that he could bring home a lot of political pork to Massachusetts. If Ted had not been a Kennedy, he would have been drummed out of office after the facts became known about what happened to Kopechne. He left the scene of the accident, passed homes with their lights on as he made his way back to his hotel, and did not immediately report the accident. Two fishermen reported the submerged car at 8:20 the next morning. A diver was brought in, and Kopechne’s body was discovered around 8:45 AM.

Image result for chappaquiddick

The diver, John Farrar, later testified at the inquest that Kopechne’s body was pressed up in the car in the spot where an air bubble would have formed. He interpreted this to mean that Kopechne had survived for a time after the initial accident in the air bubble, and concluded:

Had I received a call within five to ten minutes of the accident occurring, and was able, as I was the following morning, to be at the victim’s side within twenty-five minutes of receiving the call, in such event there is a strong possibility that she would have been alive on removal from the submerged car.

Farrar believed that Kopechne “lived for at least two hours down there.”

Kennedy hoped to contrive a story that would put Kopechne in the driver’s seat and absolve him of criminal neglect for driving too fast for conditions and under the influence in the company of a young woman who was not his wife.

These types of things mattered in 1969, not so much today

Fortunately, no one would go along with this particular lie, although there was still a massive cover-up by the Kennedy political machine to protect the powerful Senator and their own jobs. The Kennedy operatives whisked the other “Boiler Room girls” — who had been with Kennedy and Kopechne at the Lawrence Cottage where the party was held — off the island and removed any evidence that the senator had been drinking.

In addition, there’s the fact that Kennedy’s expired driver’s license disappeared from the Massachusetts motor vehicle office.

Chuck Moss, a journalist for the Detroit News, gets it right in his review of Leo Damore’s Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-Up. Damore’s book “reveals the arrogance, the power and the corruption that permitted him to simply walk away into the future, where he can address a nationally televised Democratic convention [in 1988] — on the subject of public morals.”1

It’s time for the GOP to hold hearings to bring charges against the late Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and the Democrat Party for enabling a history of Democrat malfeasance.

  1. Chuck Moss, “Author Offers Damning, Disturbing Look at Kennedy and Chappaquiddick Tragedy,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution (August 28, 1988), 13M. []
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