It’s OK to Discriminate . . . if You’re ‘Gay’

In 2008, the New Mexico state Human Rights Commission ruled “that an Albuquerque wedding photographer discriminated against her would-be client by refusing to shoot a same-sex commitment ceremony.” Elane Photography was ordered to pay attorney’s fees of $6,637.93 for the discrimination.

Let’s understand the new discrimination standard: It is wrong to discriminate based on certain types of sexual practices . . . unless you’re ‘gay.’

Three lesbians have been accused of beating up a male homosexual. Carolyn Euell, 38, mother of two of the defendants, told reporters the alleged attack “can’t be hateful” because both her daughters are lesbians. What?

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez was refused service from Antonio Darden, a popular stylist who runs Antonio’s Hair Studio in Santa Fe. He said that “he cut Martinez’ hair three times, but that’s it — unless she changes her mind about gay marriage.”

In New Mexico, it’s wrong to refuse service to people who engage in same-sex relationships, but it’s OK to discriminate against someone who promotes pro-heterosexual relationships. Darden went on to say:

I think it’s just equality, dignity for everyone. I think everybody should be allowed the right to be together. My partner and I have been together for 15 years.

Homosexuals like Darden don’t believe in equality and dignity for everyone. They do not believe that people have a right to refuse service to people who engage in behaviors that they believe are morally repugnant.

Then there’s Judge Tonya Parker, a Dallas County Judge, who refuses to perform marriage ceremonies for heterosexual couples until homosexual couples have the right to marry. She is discriminating on the basis of sex because of her personal view of morality. How is this different from Elane Photography that refused to photograph a homosexual commitment ceremony? In both cases, personal moral values were the reason for the refusal, and yet, it’s only anti-homosexual moral beliefs that are against the law.

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