Homosexuals Use Radical Islamist-Like Tactics to Intimidate Christian Schools

Radical Islamists require that a person convert to Islam or lose his property, pay a tax, or — in the most extreme cases — undergo execution.

Now it seems that homosexuals are taking a page from the ISIS playbook. You may recall that homosexuals assured us (I never believed it for a minute) that passing same-sex marriage legislation would not affect anyone in a negative way.

Neal Boortz, who used to have a talk show on WSB in Atlanta, use to rail against Christians who opposed the legalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. “How do two people having sex together and marrying affect you?,” he would often say. The following is from a November 8, 2012 “Nealz Nuze” article:

“If you can make the case that a married gay couple living down the street from you, or across town for that matter, is going to have any negative impact on your own life, then I would say that we need to have a debate on the subject.  Nobody has shown me that yet, so how about getting your GOP noses out of other people’s bedrooms?    I’ve been on the air for years and never in my 42 years of talk radio has anyone been able to tell me how Joe and Steve living down the block in wedded bliss will have any impact on their life.”

Neal needs to interview the bakers, florists, and photographers who have been impacted by same-sex “wedded bliss.”

He used a similar argument for his pro-abortion views, never admitting that the ultimate victim in an abortion was a dead unborn baby.

On December 18, 2015 “the nation’s largest gay-rights organization, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), released a chilling report that investigates a ‘disturbing trend’ of religious colleges’ taking legal measures to exercise their religious liberty, using waivers available to them under Title IX.”

Their attitude is, “How dare these Christians appeal to their religion to oppose us!” Muslim radicals have been making the same argument for years and following through by demolishing Christian churches, raping their wives and daughters, and beheading Christians for being Christians.

Of course, homosexuals aren’t as violent. They have other ways to intimidate and destroy their opposition. They use the courts and an army of lawyers to do their bidding and the media to spread their propaganda, and anyone who does not ascent to their view will be hounded to the very edge of leftist hell.

Am I exaggerating? Consider this very recent story:

“A state court in Massachusetts has ruled that a Catholic preparatory school violated the state’s antidiscrimination law when it rescinded a job offer to a man because he was married to another man.

“Matthew Barrett had accepted a job as Food Service Director at the Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic girls’ school. On his employment forms, he listed his husband as his emergency contact — a move that led the school to rescind the job offer.

“On Wednesday, Superior Court Associate Justice Douglas Wilkins ruled that Fontbonne discriminated against Barrett based on sexual orientation and rejected the school’s arguments as to why it should be exempted from the state law or otherwise not subject to its employment discrimination ban.” (H/T: Buzz Feed)

The decision will most likely be appealed, but there is no guarantee that the courts will rule in favor of the school. The Supreme Court may refuse to hear the case because to rule in favor of the school will open up a can of legal worms and call into question the validity of the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling.

The school may relent because it may prove too expensive to fight and there might be outside pressure placed on the school from funding sources. “Follow the money” still applies.

“A summary of the report can be found here. Titled ‘Hidden Discrimination: Title IX Religious Exemptions Putting LGBT Students at Risk,’ the report looks at 56 colleges that have sought such exemptions. According to the report, ‘Since 2013, 33 have received exemptions from protections that relate to gender identity, and 23 have received exemptions relating to sexual orientation.’”

It’s not only Catholic schools and colleges that are being attacked by the militant homosexual community. Dr. Paul Church, who is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, and has served on the medical staff of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Mass., has been dismissed from his post “for speaking the truth about the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle” even though the “CDC and others have documented that people who engage in the sexual activities practiced predominantly by the LGBT community have increased risk of psychiatric disorders and of contracting deadly STDs such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, parasitic infections and hepatitis.” (H/T: WND)

Sexual Orientation and Health Among US Adults

Men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 63% of the estimated new HIV infections in 2010.

HIV chartThese medical facts don’t matter when there is an ideology to protect. It’s OK if some people who engage in same-sex sexuality get sick. It’s all for the cause. In a war, there will be casualties and collateral damage.

Like in military warfare, these types of losses must be hidden from the general public. Anyone who reveals the truth must be eliminated

And for even more ISIS-like attacks on people who do not ascent to the new LGBT religion, hefty fines have been proposed by the New York City Commission on Human Rights that fine employers for referring to transsexuals by their rue biological:

“The new ‘guidance’ (‘NYC Pronoun Ban’), which has power to levy hefty fines against ‘violators’ who ‘discriminate,’ is an extension of the New York City Human Rights Law, based on the city’s laws against gender discrimination.

“Failing to use an individual’s preferred name or pronoun, under the new ban, will be considered a violation of New York City Human Rights Law, punishable by fines up to $250,000.” (H/T: Life Site)

How is this type of intimidation different from ISIS devotees forcing compliance to Islam, and if you don’t, you will lose your home and property?

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