Homosexual Marriage Down Under

Hugh Jackman and Olivia Newton-John have thrown their support behind a campaign to legalize homosexual marriage in Australia. Jackman is best known for his portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men film franchise.

The series has been viewed as a metaphor for homosexual rights. People should not be persecuted for being different, actually, for being born different. It started with the comic book series:

In the comics series, gay and bisexual characters include Anole, Bling!, Destiny, Karma, Mystique, Courier, Northstar, Graymalkin, Rictor, Shatterstar and the Ultimate version of Colossus. Transgender issues also come up with shapechangers like Mystique, Copycat, and Courier who can change gender at will.

I suspect that it wasn’t an accident that the arch villain of the X-Men, Magneto, was played by self-professed homosexual Ian McKellen, founding member of Stonewall, one of the United Kingdom’s most influential LGBT activist groups.

Then there’s Grease star Newton-John. “With respect to marriage equality, I believe that no-one has the right to judge and deny couples who love each other the ability to make a marriage commitment. Love is love.” Is it OK if a father marries his daughter or son? If it’s all about “love,” then can anything be forbidden?

I can understand why entertainers make these ridiculous statements about homosexuality. Homosexuals are disproportionately represented in the film industry. If actors and other entertainers want to keep working, they must support homosexual marriage. Look what happened to entertainers who took a stand supporting California’s Proposition 8.

Scott Eckern, director of the nonprofit California Musical Theatre in Sacramento, was put under tremendous pressure to resign “after a flurry of complaints from prominent theater artists, including ‘Hairspray’ composer Marc Shaiman, when word of his contribution to the Yes on [Prop] 8 campaign surfaced.”

Homosexuality is irrational and immoral behavior. The State has no business redefining marriage. Homosexual groups have been bullying companies, movie studios, schools, and Christian groups for decades. It’s time that people begin to recognize that homosexuality is a culture killer. Changing sexual views during the Roman Empire contributed to its demise. Rodney Stark writes: “The primary reason for low Roman fertility was that men did not want the burden of families and acted accordingly: many avoided fertility by having sex with prostitutes rather than with their wives, or by engaging in anal intercourse.”1 Stark states in his earlier book The Rise of Christianity (117) that “Greco-Roman cities also sustained substantial numbers of male prostitutes, as bisexuality and homosexuality were common.” We can add abortion and infanticide.

  1. Rodney Stark, The Triumph of Christianity, 131. []
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