Hey, Nuns, Take Katy Perry’s $14.5 Million and Donate it to Anti-Abortion Groups

Catholic nuns are tough. I know first hand. I attended a Catholic school through the 5th grade. Sister Mary Josephine was tough as nails.

We had to wear a uniform with an ill-fitted sports-jacket. I was growing like a weed. It was about four inches too short in the sleeves and it had a rip up the back and in the elbows. My parents could not afford to buy me a new one. No sob story could persuade Sister mary Josephine to let me take off the tattered jacket.

I understand very well the difficulty that Katy Perry is having with two hard-core Catholic nuns.

Two nuns have enlisted the help of the Pope’s personal lawyer to fight a court case against Katy Perry’s attempts to buy a former convent, describing the singer as “disgusting” and accusing her of “witchcraft,” according to a report.

The Daily Mail reports that the 32-year-old singer is facing a legal challenge from the Order of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary over her attempt to buy the $14.5 million property, situated in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood, which was formerly lived in by Sisters Rose Catherine Holzman, 86, and Rita Callanan, 78. (Breitbart)

Money does not move these ladies. It’s all about principles. They are not going to budge.

The archdiocese, on the other hand, wants the money.

Here’s my solution. The nuns should take the money and donate it to pro-life groups and anti-abortion organizations.

One of two things will happen. Katy Perry will look for property elsewhere or she will be funding anti-abortion groups to the tune of $14.5 million.

It’s a win-win.

Sister Callahan reminds of Sister Mary Josephine. Get this:

Recalling a meeting the sisters had with the singer, Sister Callanan said: ‘She brought her mother Mary to the meeting and I just thought, ‘Oh God help us.’

‘Katy Perry was all dressed very nicely and said: ‘I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus.

‘And I wanted to say, ‘yes and what is the tattoo on your behind?’

The nun also quizzed Perry on remarks she had made about ‘selling her soul to the devil’ when she moved from Christian music into mainstream pop. (UK Daily Mail)

Send the nuns to Congress to show the GOP how to fight!

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