Prime Minister of Canada Steals $650 Million to Support Killing Unborn Babies

“Well, when you say it like that, yes, it does sound terrible.” Liberals are fawning over Justin Trudeau’s pledge of $650 million for Planned Parenthood and overseas abortions. I first thought that he must be a billionaire to donate that much money.

He didn’t donate it. He stole it from his fellow-Canadians to support a bloody business, and he’s been praised for his generosity and statesmanship by the usual proponents of unborn baby killing:

“Could Justin Trudeau be any more perfect!?” Harper’s Bazaar ecstatically tweeted.

Bustle’s Laken Howard noted that the Prime Minister’s pledge was simply “another reason to love him,” contrasting with Donald Trump’s “offensive proposal” to Planned Parenthood the same week. That proposal, which simply offered a continuation of funding in return for a stoppage of abortions, was spun negatively by the networks. (Breitbart)

Anyone can be magnanimous with other people’s money. Politicians are always claiming how much good they do with money they confiscate from people who work for a living. Of course, people who are the beneficiaries of the stolen money are appreciative.

Just because a guy wears a suit and tie and doesn’t wear a mask and carry a gun does not mean he’s not a thief and an accomplice to murder. There are many criminals who have gone to jail who dressed well and committed egregious crimes.

Can you imagine what would happen if the stark reality of what Justin Trudeau and other political leaders are doing was told in direct language? Where did Trudeau get the money? He and other government officials passed laws (most often at the behest of an accomplice electorate) so they could “legally” take money from some people so they can give it to other people. In any other type of situation, this would be considered theft.

Trudeau spoke at “Her Voice, Her Choice” event. Are we to believe that whatever a woman voices to choose to be or do automatically makes it a morally right decision? We’ve seen similar “name it and claim it” nonsense in the debate over gender. If a woman voices that she’s really a he or one of 58 other fabricated gender identities, then it’s a fact that must be respected at the point of a lawsuit, loss of a job, or a hefty fine.

Her choice to do what? Kill her unborn baby. Always ask a person who says, “I’m pro-choice,” this question: “What are you choosing to do?”

Unfortunately, the narrative is controlled by the pro-abortionists and their bought and paid for politicians on both sides of the political aisle. The same is true of the same-sex, multigender movement. A judge has just been censured because of her views on same-sex marriage. Will this mean that people who do not believe that same-sex marriage is legitimate won’t be able to practice law or sit as judges?

It matters how we frame our arguments, even if our descriptive language offends people.

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