Is Goldman Sachs Paying Hillary Clinton Big Money for 2016 Election Favors?

There are all types of campaign finance laws in effect. In fact, liberals complain that there aren’t enough of them. Of course, they can do this because they pay off the unions with union-friendly legislation. The unions spend tens of millions of dollars to get Democrats elected. It may be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. There are ways around the laws if you are willing to pay out favors through favorable legislation.

One way to get around campaign finance laws is to get paid for work. A big company could pay a soon-to-be politician big bucks to speak for their organization. If that politician gets elected, the company could see favorable legislation come their way.

Consider the case of Hillary Clinton. National Review Online is reporting the following:

“Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29. As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days.”

All this talk about the poor and downtrodden doesn’t mean much to liberals except when they can spend other people’s money to get elected. How is it that it’s OK to make so much money for so little effort? Liberals should be screaming “hypocrisy” from the rooftops.

But we know what’s going on. Companies are lining up for future political favors. Big business is no exception.

I’ve heard Hillary Clinton speak. She is not worth $200,000 for a speech. This grand payout must be about something else.

It’s my guess that Goldman is priming the electoral pump for 2016. If Hillary gets in, legislation and regulations will be implemented favorable to the company. At least that’s what Goldman is counting on.

To show you that there is something sinister, consider this:

“On Tuesday, Clinton spoke at the Builders and Innovators Summit, devoted to discussing entrepreneurship and how to help innovators expand and grow their businesses. According to Politico, Clinton conducted a question-and-answer session with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Goldman Sachs declined to comment on the subject of her remarks or why Mrs. Clinton in particular was invited to the events.”

What does Hillary Clinton know about innovation and entrepreneurship? She’s been in government all her life. If anything, she knows how to stop innovation and entrepreneurship.

Could it be that Hillary Clinton is being bribed?

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