Germans in Germany May be a Thing of the Past

Allied bombings couldn’t wipe out Germans, but there’s good reason to believe that Germans may wipe out themselves. Germans aren’t having enough children to sustain its population. Germans are underperforming in the fertility department.

Germany’s “birth dearth” is creating real and unforeseen problems:

“At first glance, this town in central Germany, with rows of large houses built when it was a thriving center of toy manufacturing, looks tidy and prosperous. But Heiko Voigt, the deputy mayor here, can point out dozens of vacant homes that he doubts will ever be sold.

“The reality is that the German population is shrinking and towns like this one are working hard to hide the emptiness. Mr. Voigt has already supervised the demolition of 60 houses and 12 apartment blocs, strategically injecting grassy patches into once-dense complexes.”

Anti-population enthusiasts have been pushing zero population efforts for decades believing that population stagnation (or better depopulation), is the best result for a nation. Well, they’re getting their wish and then some.

It’s gotten so bad in some communities in Germany that sewage systems are “too empty to work properly.”

The government can’t even pay people to have children. The German government spent “$265 billion a year on family subsidies,” and still Germans aren’t having enough children.

An increasingly graying population means that in time there won’t be enough financial support at the bottom to pay for the generous social welfare (entitlement) programs that are typical of European socialism and extolled in the United States. With socialism, in time you run out of other people’s money.

These programs often result in early retirement for skilled workers. This leaves an employment vacuum. Who will come along and replace the workers? Will young people revolt when they find out that their decreased numbers will mean higher taxes to pay for the inverted social services pyramid? And who will take care of them in their old age?

The social welfare chickens have come home to roost resulting in high youth unemployment. Socialism is unsustainable over time:

“Several recent studies show that historically high unemployment rates — in excess of 50 percent among youths — in countries like Greece, Italy and Spain are further discouraging young people from having children. According to the European Union, the total number of live births in 31 European countries fell by 3.5 percent, to 5.4 million from 5.6 million, between 2008 and 2011. In 1960 about 7.5 million children were born in 27 European countries.”

Immigration used to be a solution, but not anymore. The government is trying to fix a problem by growing the government, the very thing that got Germany into this mess in the first place.

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