‘Gay’ Flag Flies Over Afghan Base While Cross Removed From Army Chapel and Atheist Rally Sponsored on Military Base

The U.S. military hosted an event over the weekend for soldiers and others who don’t believe in God. It was called “Rock Beyond Belief.” A so-called ‘gay’ flag flew over a U.S. military base in Afghanistan last week. Last year, the Obama Administration banned the Christian cross from a worship tent in Afghanistan. The cross was considered to be offensive.

“The U.S. Army has removed a cross that was prominently placed on the front of a chapel located at the remote base of Camp Marmal in Northern Afghanistan. . . . [O]fficials said that having a permanent sectarian image on the chapel violated army regulations. . . . One soldier referred to the decision and the regulation behind it as ‘a direct attack against Christianity and Judaism.’”

This isn’t the first time Christianity has been an issue in Afghanistan. Bibles translated into Afghan languages were sent to a U.S. soldier at a base in Afghanistan. They were deemed to be offensive to the Muslim population. And a ‘gay’ flag isn’t? Here’s how CNN reported the story in 2009:

Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.

The unsolicited Bibles sent by a church in the United States were confiscated about a year ago at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing while deployed there, Lt. Col. Mark Wright said.

Such religious outreach can endanger American troops and civilians in the devoutly Muslim nation, Wright said.

So it’s OK to blow up stuff and shoot and kill Afghans, but it’s illegal to share the gospel with them. We have traded bullets for the “gospel of peace” (Eph. 6:15).

America has been compromising its Christian heritage with Islamic nations for more than two centuries. It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now. Europe abandoned its Christian heritage long ago in the name of religious pluralism, adopted secularism as a state religion, and if demographic reports are accurate will be Islamic in less than 50 years. Playing the neutrality game is having an impact, and it’s not a good one. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap” (Gal. 6:7).

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