Democrats: The REAL Party of the Super Rich

President Obama attacked the Republican Party “for catering to the ‘interests of billionaires’ in an email to supporters on Tuesday, then attended a series of high-dollar fundraisers, including one at real estate mogul Rich Richman’s house.”

So there really is a Richie Rich, and he’s a rich Democrat!

There are a lot of rich Republicans, and some of them also use the power of government to get even richer. But it’s the Democrats that keep throwing out the “rich republican” meme as if the Democrats don’t have their own stable of Richie Rich Democrat donors.

“The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser at Richman’s house in Greenwich, Connecticut, cost as much as $32,400 a person, according to the White House.”

“The other two events, held in New York and sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, cost between $1,000 and $32,400 to attend.”

Some of the richest people in the United States are Democrats. The Clintons are up there with a net worth of around $100 million.

Multi-billionaire George Soros is a major donor to leftist causes.

Let’s not forget the Kennedy political dynasty or the combined net worth of John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State. John Kerry alone is worth around $200 million. this doesn’t count the wealth of his very rich wife:

“The Forbes 400 survey estimated in 2004 that Teresa Heinz Kerry had a net worth of $750 million. However, estimates have frequently varied, ranging from around $165 million to as high as $3.2 billion, according to a study in the Los Angeles Times.

Jon and Patricia Stryker, whose grandfather founded the medical device maker Stryker Corp., have given more than $16 million to Democratic candidates and political groups. Jon Stryker is a homosexual. The Strykers are billionaires.

“Other members of rich clans have stepped into the political fray themselves. Penny Pritkzer, part of the family that owns the Hyatt hotel chain, became President Obama’s Commerce Secretary in June 2013. Mark Dayton, an heir to the Dayton family fortune (his ancestors built the company that became Target stores) is a Democrat and the current governor of Minnesota.”


The following is from the Gateway Pundit:


The political left always accuses the Republican Party of being the “party of rich guys.”
It’s a lie.

According to analysis from the political donation website Open Secrets:

  • Since 1989 Top DNC Donors have spent a total of $1,152,389,462.00 (With a B)
  • Since 1989 Top RNC Donors have spent a total or $736,075,110.00 (With an M)
  • Committed Democrat donors have outspent committed Republican donors by nearly $486 million since 1989
  • Overall, the top ten DNC donors outspent the top ten RNC donors by nearly 2 to 1 since 1989
  • The largest committed DNC donor group has outspent the largest committed RNC donor group by 67% since 1989
  • Committed Republican donors tend to cross-donate to Democrats 32% MORE OFTEN THAN committed Democrats cross-donate to Republicans:

Here is a look at the donation comparisons from Open Secrets website. Donation list

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