Democrats Lie, Cheat, and Resort to the Mob to Get Their Way

John Kerry was not on his yacht during the crisis in Egypt.

John Kerry was on his yacht.

Which is it? He wasn’t on his yacht until a photo turned up showing him on his yacht. He was “fully engaged.” In what, we don’t know, but it looked like water sports.

The State Department at first went into full denial mode: “Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate.”

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words of denial.

ObamaCare was supposed to save us money. It’s going to save us so much money that insurance companies UnitedHealth and Aetna are pulling out of California.

ObamaCare is going to save employers so much money that they’re hiring part-time employees to get around the mandates.

ObamaCare is such a great program that the President wants to stop implementation on one of its main mandates until after the 2014 election.

In a word, Obama lied to us. Every piece of legislation that comes from Congress is filled with lies. If politicians told the truth about the laws they want to pass, they could not get them passed.

Democrats will do anything to win. Consider the Texas abortion fight. “Sen. Wendy Davis, 50, donned running shoes, a back brace and a urinary catheter in the walk up to her Tuesday filibuster that ultimately spanned 11 hours.”

Under normal circumstances, that is, if a Republican had done this, the media would have described these efforts as a violation of filibuster rules. Furthermore, when Ted Cruz and Rand Paul filibustered in the Senate, they were denounced as obstructionists. But not so when Wendy Davis filibustered to keep the liberal sacrament of abortion alive:

Then there was the mob mentality from pro-abortionists in the gallery. “Speaking on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Perry said that ‘never in the history of Texas have they seen that kind of a mob rule.’” Their shouting prevented votes from being counted for the bill until after the end of the special session.

The mob mentality went beyond the state senate chamber:

“State senator Donna Campbell, who issued the third point of order against Davis’s filibuster (which ended it), has also been the target of extensive verbal abuse from pro-choice [sic] protesters, according to her spokesman Jon Oliver. They’ve received Facebook messages and e-mails saying, “I hope you’re raped” and “I hope your daughter’s raped’. . .”

Davis’ filibuster and the unruly mob were praised by liberals from coast to coast, including Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood:

“She’s a total fighter. And the thing about Sen. Davis, she says she’s going to do something, she gets it down.”

If you’re a Democrat, nothing is out of bounds. Democrats know the media will back them up no matter what they do.

Richards is the daughter of former liberal Democrat governor of Texas, Ann Richards. Like her mother, she’s a liberal bully who has used her political connections to push an extreme leftist agenda. She’s married to Kirk Adams, a labor organizer with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

I haven’t heard if she’s condemned the rape bullying of Donna Campbell from one of her own.

The latest example of Democrat deceit and bullying was perpetrated on one of their own. The New York Post reports:

“Pro-choice Democrats in the state Senate plotted to ram through an abortion-rights amendment during the Jewish Sabbath to prevent pro-life Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, an Orthodox Jew, from casting a vote, critics charged.

“The controversial June 28 deliberations put Felder in a quandary. If he left Albany to observe Shabbat, the abortion proposal had a chance of passing. But if he stayed, he would be violating religious observance.

“‘The Democrats were counting votes. They were waiting for Simcha to leave. They thought they were going to get away with that,’ said Deputy Senate GOP leader Tom Libous.”

Democrats don’t care about the rule of law; they only care about the rule of power, and they will do almost anything to insure that they remain in power.

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