Democrats are Zombies and Believe in a Form of Witchcraft

Watching the Democrat National Convention reminded me of two black and white films from the 1940s that mention Democrats. The first is The Heavenly Body (1944) starring Hedy Lamarr, William Powell, Nancy Potter, and James Craig. It’s about a woman (Lamarr) who’s neglected by her astronomer husband (Powell) who’s pursuing a comet late at night rather than his beautiful wife.

Lamarr’s next-door neighbor (Potter) tries to interest her in astrology as a way to help her sort out her frustrations. At first Lamarr is skeptical given the fact that her husband is a world-renowned scientist and would consider astrology as the antithesis of astronomy. Potter’s character responds to Lamarr’s skepticism:

“You talk as if astrology is something to be ashamed of, like witchcraft or being a Democrat.”

Exactly! Democrats believe in magic, a form of witchcraft, when it comes to economic theory and practice. They believe they can turn stones into bread, paper into real money, and electronic digits into wealth. They also believe that if you tax the rich, wealth will be created for everybody else. The reality is, “No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity,” and Democrat voter magic won’t change that truth.

Unfortunately, there are too many Republicans who also follow the stars of John Maynard Keynes rather than sound economic charts.

The other film is Ghost Breakers (1940) starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. There’s a discussion between Hope and Richard Carlson about what a zombie is. Here’s Carlson’s definition and why zombies are a problem:

“The problem with zombies is that they have no will of their own. They wander the night, mindless, never knowing or caring where they are going or what they are doing.”

Bob Hope’s response is classic: “You mean like Democrats?” You can watch the funny clip from the film below:

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