Democrat Delegate Says She Would Like to Kill Romney if She Sees Him

As I was driving back from my morning 2-mile walk, I was tuned into the Neal Boortz Show. Neal’s show is nationally syndicated. He leans libertarian. He’s retiring in January and Herman Cain is going to take his place.

Anyway, Neal played an interview with a delegate from the Democratic National Convention. She is originally from Puerto Rico but is now living in New York. The interviewer asked her if she was better off four years ago than she is under Obama, and the tirade began.

Here’s what she said:

“Romney will destroy this country completely! If I see him, I would like to kill him!”

 I heard this with my own two ears. You can watch it here.

Will the establishment media report on it? I doubt it. It’s all about protecting President Obama and the Democrat Party.

Most people in the media have no concern about Republicans being compared to Nazis, so why should they care if someone makes a threat against a presidential candidate that’s affiliated with Nazis?

There’s at least one exception that I’ve found — someone actually chastising the Democrats for the Nazi comparison. Listen to this interview with Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party Alexandra Gallardo Rooker and how she dismisses the Republicans-as-Nazis narrative.

The next time some liberal tells you that the Republican Party is all about hate, have this story handy and play the audio of the Democrat who would like to kill Mitt Romney if she ever sees him.

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