Crazy Feminists Want Their “Period” to Bleed “Freely” and Feminize Wikipedia

The world gets more troubling every day as nut-ball beliefs are pushed as normal. It’s hard to keep up with all the craziness. Two feminist stories caught my attention. One is typical, the other is bizarre.

Feminists want to rewrite Wikipedia. The following is from the DailyCaller:

“Feminist groups at more than a dozen universities are planning to participate in another mass ‘edit Wikipedia day,’ because the free, volunteer encyclopedia website is obviously horribly sexist.

Sarah Stierch, a Wikipedia contributor and researcher for the Wikimedia Foundation, said the problem isn’t just that most Wikipedia users are male. The layout of the website is itself ‘very masculine,’ she said.

“‘It’s aesthetically very masculine in its design,’ said Stierch in a statement to The Daily Dot, also noting that, ‘The average Wikipedia editor is a well-educated white male. Well-educated white males have been writing history and the story of the world since ancient times.’”

I loved the comment that the website is “very masculine.” People are looking for information not the latest handbag or shoes. The Drudge Report is one of the most trafficked sites in all the world. It still uses courier font. Here are the latest stats:

029,728,684 PAST 24 HOURS
817,981,064 PAST 31 DAYS
10,730,954,337 PAST YEAR

People who are looking for information don’t care about wrapping paper. If the feminists want a Prada and Vogue encyclopedia site, let them build their own.

Now to the bizarre. Free bleeding is the new feminist hobby horse. In the 1960s feminists were telling women they shouldn’t shave their legs or underarms. The craze is still with us. I learned there’s a Facebook group called “Women Against Non-Essential Grooming.” Check out the Armpits4August.

Like they say, “It’s my body, and I can do what I want with it.” If women don’t want to shave the hair on their legs or under their arms, more power to them. You’ve come a long way baby! I suspect pro-creation will be at a premium.

Now back to free bleeding. Free bleeding is when a woman decides not to use feminine products “in exchange for allowing her blood to flow ‘freely’ out of her body, staining her clothing and running down her thighs to wherever it may end up.”

The following encapsulates the extreme feminist logic behind “free bleeding.” Adura Bull writes:

“One, is that a woman’s time of the month should not be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone who may become privy to the fact that said woman’s body is evacuating her loins of unused baby blood.

“The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are ‘man’ made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period, thus furthering her victim status as a woman living in a world run by men. These two reasons combined, have produced the idea that women need to make a stand against the practice of wearing products which collect, absorb, and discard the menstrual flow. That by letting it run freely, is the way nature intended us to deal with our monthly.”

I’m a man, so, of course, I can’t speak to this issue, but I’m going to anyway. There are all types of things that happen in our bodies naturally, like urinating and defecating, that we have sanitary solutions for. We put diapers on babies to catch these natural flows. We are taught to evacuate in proper places for sanitation purposes as well as to protect our clothes. “Animals urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other. We generally would like to think we’re above that kind of behavior. But not in the case of Feminists, it would seem. It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.”

A runny nose is natural. A tissue or handkerchief is the preferred method of dealing with the trailing mucous. No one wants to be around someone with snot hanging out of his/her nose.

What’s “natural” is not always a sought after normative state for humans. We were born into this world naked. Should we shun clothing, shelters, heat, modern transportation devices? God gave us feet, so why do we need automobiles?

Consistent feminism is impossible. The only way these new trends will gain cultural traction is by the force of law. That’s what scares me.

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