‘Cop Killer’ Bullets Haven’t Killed Any Cops But that’s Not the Point

It’s shocking to see how the President of the United States can make laws with no regard to the Constitution, Congress, or the limitations of his own office.

How is it that an Executive Order can have as much authority as a hard fought Amendment to the Constitution?

It’s shocking how Executive Orders are being passed around like Monopoly money. I realize that the Republicans are almost as guilty with the way they dispense Executive Orders. That’s why they only offer lip service to their outrage over Obama’s Executive actions.

The latest is over so-called cop killer bullets — the .223-caliber M855 ball ammunition used in the popular AR-15 which is nothing more than a rifle that looks like a mis-named assault rifle. Like all rifles, it shoots one bullet at a time.

If you can’t abolish guns, why not do the next best thing and abolish the ammunition the guns use. Environmental concerns have been used to stop the use of lead in bullets. Don’t be surprised if liberals work to abolish brass and gun powder.

This is something conservatives don’t understand about liberalism. Liberals are relentless. They never stop. If they can’t get a law passed one way, they’ll look for other ways to impose their will on us.

Once a law is passed, they will find ways to expand the application of that law. They’ve done it with RICO. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act had a very specific application. It was later used by the pro-abortion movement to shut down opposition to abortion.

The 14th Amendment’s “due process” clause is being used almost daily to manufacture all sorts of rights never intended. It’s one of the most litigated parts of the Constitution because it is so pliable.

Judges are overturning laws related to same-sex marriage based on the 14th Amendment.

So what justification is Obama giving to outlaw a specific kind of AR-15 ammunition? WND reports:

 “The White House claim that the ammunition for the popular AR-15 rifle should be banned as part of a ‘common sense’ effort to protect police officers’ lives is being derided by police officers themselves as a shameful lie.

“White House spokesman Josh Earnest said this week that the .223-caliber M855 ball should be banned because it can penetrate an officer’s soft armor and can be fired not just from sporting rifles but ‘easily concealable weapons.’”

M855 ball ammunition

Here’s where the argument breaks down:

“In fact, gun rights advocates and law enforcement agencies contacted by WND say they have been unable to document a single incident in which a police officer has been taken down by a criminal using an AR-15 handgun in the 20 years since this particular round, the M855 ball, has been exempted from the federal ban on armor-piercing bullets. It was exempted based on its use for sporting purposes.”

Of course, none of this matters to the anti-gun (and now anti-ammunition lobby). The goal is to get a legal foot in the door. If the potential for harm is a factor in determining if one type of ammunition should be banned, then it’s easy to see how some group could make a case for other types of ammunition. Establishing the precedent is the all-important goal.

You can I may be permitted to own a gun, but the day could come when we won’t be able to own any ammunition.

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