Conservative Turned Down by Photographer for His Conservative Beliefs

I bet you haven’t heard this story, and you’re most likely not going to beyond a few “fringe” conservative news sources.

Six months ago, a Southern California photographer turned down Alan Sears when he asked a photographer “to take a Christmas card photo of his family, explaining in an email, ‘I oppose the goals and objectives of your organization and have no interest in working on its behalf.’”
Alan Sears is CEO and general counsel of the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom organization. ADF has offered legal counsel “on behalf of photographers, florists, cake decorators and others sued for refusing to create products for same-sex weddings.”

ADF is a Christian and conservative competitive alternative to the ACLU.

Did Mr. Sears sue the photographer? He did not.

“We’re talking about human dignity. It violates someone’s dignity to require them to create images that violate their core beliefs,” Mr. Sears said. “I think I’m a pretty nice guy, and my family are kind folks, but to require this woman to portray me in a loving, family-centered way that is contrary to her views and her conscience, I think it would be an act of violence against her dignity.”

As I’ve written before, it’s not any different from a photographer who is black who refuses to photograph a KKK-themed wedding or a Jewish printer to refuse to print fliers and T-shirts for a neo-Nazi rally.

People who engage in same-sex have been given special rights because they have been designated as a special legal class by the courts. There is no such special class for adulterers, fornicators, or pedophiles who argue that their sexual proclivities are no different from homosexuals.

“The ADF has asked the high court to review a decision against Elane Photography, whose owner Elaine Huguenin refused to take photos at a same-sex wedding. The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled in August [2013] against the photographer, saying she had violated the state’s nondiscrimination clause by agreeing to shoot wedding photos for opposite-sex couples but not gay couples.”

What she did was violate a manufactured law that has no foundation in law except in nations where freedom of expression is outlawed in order to protect the ruling class or designated entities favored by the ruling class.

The ADF has gotten support of its arguments from some unlikely organizations and people.

“A growing number of libertarians, supporters of same-sex marriage and even gays themselves are lining up with the Arizona-based legal defense group as the issue moves toward the Supreme Court. . . Those filing friend-of-the-court briefs in favor of the ADF’s position include some high-profile supporters of gay marriage, including Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute legal counsel; Eugene Volokh, University of California at Los Angeles School of Law professor; and Dale Carpenter, professor at the University of Minnesota Law School.”

The First Amendment was embedded in the Constitution in order to protect unpopular speech for individuals and groups on both sides of an issue. Forcing people to act against their beliefs, religious or otherwise, is the highest form of tyranny.

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